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Dynamic Enforcement of the Strict Integrity Policy in Biba's Model

Zhang Xiangfeng and Sun Yufang   

  1. (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080)
  • Online:2005-05-15

Abstract: While the strict integrity policy (SIP) of Biba's model can be used to maintain integrity of data in computer systems, the integrity labels of both subjects and objects in a system are always kept static in SIP, which might lead to denial to some non-malicious access requirements and hence decreases the compatibility o f applications. Dynamic enforcement of this policy (DESIP) is presented, which c an increase compatibility of software while keeping system integrity as strictly as SIP can. The implementation of DESIP is also given based on RFSOS, a Linux-b ased operating system, which shows that the impact of the enforcement of DESIP o n system efficiency is less than 1%.

Key words: information security, information integrity, strict integrity policy, Biba's model