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A MA Model with Application Components Being Dynamically Scalable

Yang Juan1, Qiu Yuhui1, Li Jianguo1, and Zheng Qiang2   

  1. 1(Intelligent Software and Software Engeneering Laboratory, Southwest Normal Uni versity, Chongqing 400715) 2(Information Center, Southwest Normal University, C hongqing 400715)
  • Online:2005-05-15

Abstract: How to reduce the system's communication cost is a hard problem because of its s trong reliability on the differences incurring by the variant kinds of mobile ag ents in their execution environments most of which are influenced by synthetical reasons. Making the application components movable inter-system platforms can p artly resolve this problem. A new MA system model is given, which divides movabl e components from fixed components to reduce the communication cost. Resource al locating strategy applied on it is an expanding version of the Avrampopoulos alg orithm by adding the parameter to improve its robustness. Experimental results p roved its usability and effectiveness.

Key words: mobile agent system, mobile component, fixed component, resource allocation policy