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Research on Collaborative Interaction Based on Gesture and Sketch in Conceptual Design

Ma Cuixia, Wang Hongan, Dai Guozhong, and Chen Youdi   

  1. (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080)
  • Online:2005-05-15

Abstract: An interaction pattern based on gesture and sketch provides a natural and harmonious user interface for collaborative operation in conceptual design, which promotes the development and application of collaborative system. Based on the user- centered design, different conceptual design process is analyzed and the new col laborative design method based on gesture and sketch is given; a product informa tion carrier based on sketch is studied; Based on the gesture operation, the col laborative context-awareness and the description model are provided; the sketch interaction design for synchronous editing is analyzed and the bi-direct constra int solution is put forward. A convenient method of collaborative design is prov ided to develop design efficiency and improve human-computer interaction.

Key words: conceptual design, gesture, sketch, collaborative context-ware, synchronous editing