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A Survey of Virtual Human Skin Deformation

Li Yan, Wang Zhaoqi, and Mao Tianlu   

  1. 1(Digital Technology Laboratory, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Acad emy of Sciences, Beijing 100080) 2(Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sc iences, Beijing 100039)
  • Online:2005-05-15

Abstract: Skin deformation is an important problem in virtual human modeling, and two main goals are realistic and real-time deformation. First, the geometrical models of 3D human body and human skin are presented, and then a novel classification met hod is given. According to the method, the skin deformation is firstly classifie d into two classes named surface-model skin deformation and multi-layered-model skin deformation, and then the most popular surface-model skin deformation is di vided into four sub-classes, namely, rigid deformation, local deformation operat ors, SDD, and interpolation deformation. Each class is described in detail cover ing the merits and shortcomings. Finally, the problems of skin deformation and f uture directions are discussed.

Key words: virtual human, human animation, geometrical modeling, skin deformation, virtual reality