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唐 文 胡建斌 陈 钟   

  1. (北京大学信息科学技术学院网络信息安全实验室 北京 100871) (
  • 出版日期: 2005-10-15

Research on a Fuzzy Logic-Based Subjective Trust Management Model

Tang Wen, Hu Jianbin, and Chen Zhong   

  1. (Network and Information Security Laboratory, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, Beijing 100871)
  • Online: 2005-10-15

摘要: 在开放网络中,信任管理是信息安全的重要前提与基础.通过考查主观信任的模糊性,首次将语言变量、模糊逻辑引入主观信任管理研究中,提出了信任的度量机制,运用模糊IF-THEN规则对人类信任推理的一般知识和经验进行了建模,提出了一种灵活直观,具有很强描述能力的形式化的信任推理机制,为主观信任管理研究提供了一种有价值的新思路.

关键词: 信任管理, 主观信任, 语言变量, 信任向量, 模糊逻辑, 信任推理

Abstract: Trust management model is fundamental for information security in open networks. In this paper, the fuzzy nature of subjective trust is considered, and the conceptions of linguistic variable and fuzzy logic are introduced into subjective trust management. A formal trust metric is given, fuzzy IF-THEN rules are applied in mapping the knowledge and experiences of trust reasoning that humanity use in everyday life into the formal model of trust management, the reasoning mechanisms of trust vectors are given, and a subjective trust management model is provided. The formal model proposed provides a new valuable way for studying subjective trust management in open networks.

Key words: trust management, subjective trust, linguistic variable, trust vector, fuzzy logic, trust reasoning