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赵 霞1,2 陈向群1 郭 耀1 杨芙清1   

  1. 1 (北京大学信息科学技术学院软件研究所高可信软件技术教育部重点实验室 北京 100871) 2 (北京工商大学计算机学院 北京 100037) (
  • 出版日期: 2008-05-15

A Survey on Operating System Power Management

Zhao Xia1,2, Chen Xiangqun1, Guo Yao1, and Yang Fuqing1   

  1. 1(Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies (Ministry of Education), Institute of Software, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, Beijing 100871) 2(College of Computer Science and Technology, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing 100037)
  • Online: 2008-05-15

摘要: 系统级动态电源管理技术的关键问题是在系统性能与能耗之间进行权衡. 在硬件提供支持的基础上,操作系统电源管理的优势在于操作系统作为系统资源管理者,根据工作负载和硬件资源电源状态的特征,在满足系统性能约束条件下作出电源管理决策和控制,降低系统能耗. 从优化控制策略和操作系统资源管理的角度,综述操作系统电源管理研究现状及其关键技术. 对两类动态电源管理策略进行详细分析,讨论了从资源管理角度进行操作系统电源管理的研究思路和问题,对当前面临的主要问题和发展趋势进行了总结和展望.

关键词: 操作系统, 电源管理, 动态功耗管理, 动态频率调节, 低能耗

Abstract: With the rapid development of microelectronics and mobile computing technology, reducing power dissipation of computing systems has become a hot topic for both academia and industry. As the resource manager of systems, operating system power management makes decision based on the characteristics of workload and hardware components, in order to reduce energy consumption while satisfying the performance constraints of applications simultaneously. Because of the diversity of applications and complexity of multitask operating system concurrency, OS dynamic power management strategy is facing workload uncertainty. One of the key issues becomes the tradeoff between performance and energy consumption. In this paper, the OS dynamic power management techniques are surveyed from the directions of optimal control strategy and operating system design. From the perspective of optimal control strategy, an OS power management subsystem model and two types of dynamic power management strategies, namely dynamic power management and dynamic voltage scaling are summarized in detail. From the perspective of operating system design, how to abstract power resources and how to design power management mechanisms and strategies in existing OS resources management framework are also important issues. Some key ideas and recent progresses on these issues are discussed. Finally, several challenges and open issues in OS power management are summarized.

Key words: operating system, power management, dynamic power management, dynamic voltage scaling, low energy consumption