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朱和贵 张祥德 杨连平 唐青松   

  1. (东北大学理学院 沈阳 110004) (
  • 出版日期: 2009-11-15

Fingerprint-Based Random Sequence Generator

Zhu Hegui, Zhang Xiangde, Yang Lianping, and Tang Qingsong   

  1. (School of Science, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110004)
  • Online: 2009-11-15

摘要: 利用人体指纹特征本身内在的唯一性、不可预测性和外部随机噪声(光照、损伤等)给出了产生随机序列的一类新方法——基于人体指纹特征的随机序列发生器,实现了人体生物特征与密码的结合.使用自相关函数方法和BDS统计检验方法验证了该随机序列优良的线性不相关性和非线性不相关性,得到了完全不可预测的非周期随机序列.通过美国国家标准技术研究院(NIST)推荐的标准随机统计测验FIPS140-1 Tests和NIST Special Publication 800-22 Tests对该随机序列进行了检验.检验结果表明基于人体指纹特征的随机序列发生器是满足密码安全的随机序列发生器,并且实现简单、方便.

关键词: 人体指纹特征, 人体指纹特征随机序列发生器, 自相关函数, BDS统计检验, FIPS140-1Tests, NISTSpecialPublication800-22Tests

Abstract: In this paper, fingerprint characteristic is not used in identification and recognition as usual. On the contrary, the randomness of fingerprint characteristics including uniqueness, unpredictability, and external noises such as lighting and trauma, are all used to develop a new kind of random sequence generator—fingerprint-based random sequence generator, which combines cryptography with biometrics characteristics in a novel way. In order to guarantee the fingerprint-based random sequence generator works well, firstly, the auto-correlation function method and BDS statistical tests are used to verify there are no linear correlation and nonlinear correlation in fingerprint-based random sequence. Consequently, fingerprint-based random sequence obtained in this paper is absolutely and truly random. Furthermore, to verify the fingerprint-based random sequence generator is good and with high cryptographic security, the generated fingerprint-based random sequences are tested at a high level of significance by a variety of modern standard statistical tests. All these tests are from the standard Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-1 Tests and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-22 Tests which are recommended by NIST. In a word, all these discussions show that there are wide application fields for the fingerprint-based random sequence generator, which not only extends the possibilities of obtaining truly random sequence through biological systems, but also provides random sequences in simple and portable way.

Key words: fingerprint characteristics, fingerprint-based random sequence generator, auto-correlation function, BDS statistical tests, FIPS140-1 Tests, NIST Special Publication 800-22 Tests