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计算机研究与发展 ›› 2018, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (2): 319-326.doi: 10.7544/issn1000-1239.2018.20170868

所属专题: 2018面向新型硬件的数据管理专题

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张铁赢, 黄贵, 章颖强, 王剑英, 胡炜, 赵殿奎, 何登成   

  1. (阿里巴巴集团 杭州 310023) (
  • 出版日期: 2018-02-01

X-DB: Software and Hardware Co-Designed Database System

Zhang Tieying, Huang Gui, Zhang Yingqiang, Wang Jianying, Hu Wei, Zhao Diankui, He Dengcheng   

  1. (Alibaba Group Inc, Hangzhou 310023)
  • Online: 2018-02-01

摘要: 数据库领域经历了3次发展时期:第1个时期起源于Codd提出的关系模型,奠定了数据库理论和系统的基础,并造就了早期的数据库商业巨头IBM DB2,Microsoft SQLServer和Oracle等;第2个时期由互联网的快速发展所推动,催生了NoSQL数据库系统,这一类数据库系统关注于系统可扩展性,但是牺牲了数据库的事务特性和SQL功能;第3个重要时期是以新硬件为基础的现代数据库时期,阿里巴巴数据库系统X-DB便属于这一时期的现代数据库.X-DB基于阿里巴巴大规模业务需求,充分利用新硬件的特性,围绕存储、网络、多核、并行和异构计算进行软硬一体协同设计,同时兼容MySQL生态,重塑关系型数据库体系结构.

关键词: 关系模型, 数据库系统, 分布式系统, 软硬协同设计, 新硬件

Abstract: The field of database system has three stages of development. The first stage is when relational model was proposed by E.F Codd. Relational model establishes the foundation of the database theory and database system. It contributes many database market giants, like IBM DB2, Microsoft SQLServer and Oracle. The second stage is due to the rapid development of Internet, which produces NoSQL database system. NoSQL focuses on system scalability but sacrifices transactional features. The third stage is called modern database era represented by new hardware features. Alibaba X-DB is such kind of database system. X-DB fully utilizes new hardware in different areas including storage, network, multi-core, parallel and heterogeneous computing. X-DB co-designs hardware and software and is compatible with MySQL ecosystem with the goal to renovate the relational database system.

Key words: relational model, database system, distributed system, software and hardware co-design, new hardware