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CoPenML: An XML-Based Component Architecture for Pen-Based User Interface

Li Jie, Qin Yanyan, Tian Feng, and Dai Guozhong   

  1. (Laboratory of Human-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Information Processing, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080)
  • Online:2005-07-15

Abstract: Pen-based user interface (Pen UI) is a primary style in the post-WIMP world and is commonly used in the ubiquitous computing environments. However, most current Pen UI technologies do not support a high-level, visual, multi-disciplinary authoring process. Moreover, concepts of reuse are rarely provided. A component-based approach is introduced with CoPenML architecture. The approach is entirely based on declarative XML documents, describing the component configuration and composition of Pen UI, as well as backend application logic. Another advantage of the approach is that component reuse is provided at both the system implementation level and the higher scene graph level. The overall architecture and XML-based implementation are described, especially the markup language specification for the UI profile documents. Finally, the associated authoring environment and tools involved are outlined, which shows the approach is practical and effective.

Key words: Pen UI, CoPenML, component-based development, declarative language, reuse of software, XML schema