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VLSI Design for Full-Search Block-Matching Full-Pel Motion Estimation Processor

He Weifeng, Mao Zhigang, Lü Zhiqiang, and Yin Haifeng   

  1. (Department of Microelectronics Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001)
  • Online:2005-07-15

Abstract: An improved architecture for motion estimation using the full-search block-matching algorithm is proposed in this paper. To reduce the utilization of the global bus to the external memory and to improve the data reuse efficiency of search frame pixels, a multi-port matching scheme and double clock strategy are adopted. Compared with the previous FBMA architecture, this new architecture achieves 74.9% processor utilization as well as improves the reuse efficiency of search area pixel data. The motion estimation processor is implemented using the TSMC 0.25μm 1-poly 5-metal CMOS technology, which occupies a silicon area of 3.37mm×3.37mm and operates at 110MHz. Experimental results show that it is able to estimate full pixel motion vectors of MPEG-4 AS profile sequences in ITU-R601 format (720×480@30Hz/NTSC or 720×576@25Hz/PAL) in real-time at around 89.4MHz

Key words: FBMA, systolic array, motion estimation, VLSI architecture