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A Running Pattern Generation Based on ZMP for Humanoid Robot

Wang Xianfeng, Li Jianping,and Wang Hui   

  1. (School of Computer and Information Technology, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing, Heilongjiang 163318)
  • Online:2013-10-15

Abstract: Using a cart-curved table model,a running mode based on ZMP for humanoid robot is presented. Trajectory of center of mass and foot trajectory for humanoid robot are planned in support and flight phase, respectively. Trajectory of center of mass for humanoid robot is planned by solving dynamic equation based on cart-curved table model in support phase. Center of mass for humanoid robot is parapolic movement in flight phase and the trajectory of center of mass is regarded as constant velocity on the horizontal direction and free fall on the vertical direction. The constraints of force and torque when feet are contact with the ground are analyzed. Adjusting inclination degree of upper body for humanoid robot maintains its dynamic equilibrium. At the same time, joint torque values of all joints are solved according to the dynamic equation of humanoid robot. The simulation result shows that the angle values and joint torque values of each joint change smoothly and humanoid robot is able to run stably. It is verified that our proposed method is satisfactory.

Key words: humanoid robot, zero moment point (ZMP), running robot, kinematics, dynamics