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About the Journal

  • History: The Journal of Computer Research and Development is an academic journal jointly sponsored by the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and China Computer Federation. It is published by Science Press. She was born in the initial period of China's computer industry (1958), is China's first computer publication.Over the past 60 years, the journal has always combined with the focus and needs of China's computer industry in different periods. It has published a large number of papers on the latest domestic scientific research achievements and key research projects supported by the state, which has played a great role in the development of computer science and technology and the cultivation of high-tech talents in China. At present, she is one of the most influential academic journals on computer science in China.

    Purpose: To report the highest level of academic papers and the latest scientific research achievements in the field of computer science in China.

    Contents: high level academic papers, latest scientific research achievements and major application achievements in the field of computer science and technology. The Contents cover overview, software technology, information security, computer network, architecture, artificial intelligence, computer application technology (graphics and images, natural language processing, information retrieval), database technology, storage technology and computer theory.

    Status and Honor: For many years, the journal has been rated as China's core journal of computer science and technology, and the "important Chinese Journal" designated by the academic degree Office of the State Council to evaluate academic degrees and graduate education. It has been included in many international famous retrieval systems, such as engineering index (EI) of the United States, science literature express of Japan, and Digest magazine of Russia Its influence factors and total citation frequency are among the best in the same kind of academic journals. Class "A" Chinese journals by CCF.

    Readers: researchers, engineers and technicians engaged in computer research and development in various industries and departments with bachelor's degree or above, teachers and students of computer science and other related majors in colleges and universities.

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