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计算机研究与发展 ›› 2016, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (4): 834-844.doi: 10.7544/issn1000-1239.2016.20151165

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  1. 1(北京师范大学信息科学与技术学院 北京 100875);2(首都师范大学信息工程学院 北京 100048) (
  • 出版日期: 2016-04-01
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Address Compression for Hierarchical Forwarding Architecture in IPv6 IoT

Xiao Rong1, Sun Bo1, Chen Wenlong2, Xiao Yongkang1, Wei Yungang1   

  1. 1College of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875); 2College of Information Engineering, Capital Normal University, Beijing 100048)
  • Online: 2016-04-01

摘要: 作为“互联网+”计划的重要组成部分,物联网广泛应用于人类社会的各个方面.IPv6节点标识是物联网大规模部署的基础.然而,128b的IPv6地址却给资源受限的物联网增加了存储、带宽等代价.面向物联网层次转发体系,设计了IACH地址压缩机制,包括:去除尾部无效寻径信息、地址剥离、地址扩展等.接着,提出了地址映射机制,将外部无规律的IPv6地址映射成物联子网虚拟地址,使其可应用上述IACH机制进行压缩.该机制与现有6LoWPAN兼容.实验及性能分析表明:IACH可大幅提升物联网报文传输的有效负载比例.对于相同长度的IP上层负载,IACH转发时延略低于标准6LoWPAN.

关键词: 物联网, 层次转发, 地址压缩, IPv6, 地址映射

Abstract: As one of the most significant parts of “Internet +”, Internet of things (IoT) is being widely applied in various aspects of human society. IPv6 identification is the base of large-scale deployment and interconnection of IoT. Nevertheless, the 128-bit IPv6 address brings more storage and bandwidth consumptions for resource-constrained IoT. A novel compression mechanism-named IACH is proposed for the hierarchical IoT forwarding architecture, which mainly includes: removing invalid routing message at the end of IPv6 address, address stripping, and address extension. Moreover, the irregular outside IPv6 addresses can be translated into virtual addresses of IoT subnets by means of address mapping, which is compressed according the described mechanism. IACH is fully compatible with 6LoWPAN. Experiments and performance analysis show that IACH can significantly increase the real upper payload in packets transmission. In particular, the forwarding delay of IACH is shorter than standard 6LoWPAN for packets with the same length of IP-upper payload.

Key words: Internet of things (IoT), hierarchical forwarding, address compression, IPv6, address mapping