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  1. (国防科技大学计算机学院 长沙 410073) (
  • 出版日期: 2021-06-01
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A Self-Designed Heterogeneous Accelerator for Exascale High Performance Computing

Liu Sheng, Lu Kai, Guo Yang, Liu Zhong, Chen Haiyan, Lei Yuanwu, Sun Haiyan, Yang Qianming, Chen Xiaowen, Chen Shenggang, Liu Biwei, Lu Jianzhuang   

  1. (College of Computer Science and Technology, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073)
  • Online: 2021-06-01
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    This work was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFB0204301 sub-project I).

摘要: 高性能计算(high performance computing, HPC)是推动科学技术发展的基础性领域之一,当前,作为超级计算机系统“下一个明珠”的E级高性能计算时代已经来临.面向E级高性能计算的加速器领域成为了全球高端芯片的竞技场.国际上,AMD、英伟达和英特尔公司已经占据这一领域多年.作为国内最早开始自主处理器设计的优势单位之一,国防科技大学一直以来都是高性能加速器领域强有力的竞争者.主要对国防科技大学自主设计的面向E级高性能计算的加速器芯片进行介绍,该芯片采用了CPU+GPDSP的异构融合架构,具备高性能、高效能和高可编程性的特点,有望成为新一代E级超算系统的核心计算芯片.

关键词: 高性能计算, 加速器, 异构融合体系结构, 自主设计, 高效能

Abstract: High performance computing (HPC) is one of the basic fields to promote the development of science and technology. Exascale HPC era, recognized as “the next crown of supercomputer”, is coming. The accelerator field for exascale HPC has gradually developed into the arena of the most high-end chips in the world. The international famous companies, such as AMD,NVIDIA and Intel, have occupied this field for several years. As one of the organizations which independently designed processors in China, National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) has always been a strong competitor in HPC accelerator field. This paper introduces an accelerator for exascale HPC which is self-designed by NUDT. It adopts a heterogeneous architecture with CPU and general purpose digital signal processor (GPDSP). It has the characteristics of high performance, high efficiency and high programmability, and is expected to be the key computing chip of our new exascale supercomputer system.

Key words: high performance computing (HPC), accelerator, heterogeneous architecture, self-designed, high efficiency