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计算机研究与发展 ›› 2016, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (10): 2239-2247.doi: 10.7544/issn1000-1239.2016.20160430

所属专题: 2016网络空间共享安全研究进展专题

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  1. 1(华东师范大学计算机科学技术系 上海 200241); 2(综合业务网理论及关键技术国家重点实验室(西安电子科技大学) 西安 710071); 3(上海海洋大学信息学院 上海 201306); 4(卫士通摩石实验室 北京 100070) (
  • 出版日期: 2016-10-01
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    国家自然科学基金项目(61571191,61572192,61472142,61402282);上海市科学技术委员会科技项目(13JC1403502);上海市青年科技英才扬帆计划项目(14YF1404200,14YF1410400);综合业务网理论及关键技术国家重点实验室开放基金项目(ISN17-11);华东师范大学研究生科研创新实践资助项目 This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (61571191, 61572192, 61472142, 61402282), the Project of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality(13JC1403502), the Shanghai Yang-Fan Plan (14YF1404200, 14YF1410400), the Open Foundation of the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks (ISN17-11), and the East China Normal University Fund for Graduate Student's Scientific Research, Innovation and Practice.

An Efficient and Expressive Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme with Chosen Ciphertext Security

Zhang Kai1,2, Wei Lifei3, Li Xiangxue1,4, Chen Jie1,2, Qian Haifeng1   

  1. 1(Department of Computer Science & Technology, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200241); 2(The State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks (Xidian University), Xi’an 710071); 3(College of Information Technology, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai 201306); 4(Westone Cryptologic Research Center, Beijing 100070)
  • Online: 2016-10-01

摘要: 属性基加密(attribute-based encryption, ABE)是一种新型公钥加密体制,它实现了对加密数据的细粒度访问控制.在密钥策略属性基加密方案(key-policy attribute-based encryption, KP-ABE)中,密文与属性集合相关联,密钥则与访问控制结构相关联.因此在大多数KP-ABE方案中,解密开销与解密算法所涉及的属性数目成正比.结合Hohenberger和Waters提出的快速解密属性基加密方案的思想,构造了一个同时支持非单调访问结构、大属性空间的选择属性集合和选择明文安全快速解密密钥策略属性基加密方案,并在随机预言机模型下证明是选择性属性集合和选择明文安全的;并在此基础上,利用Lai等人提出的合数阶上具有强表达能力的快速解密KP-ABE方案的思想,再结合用于给出构造选择密文安全的KP-ABE方案的变色龙Hash技术,构造了一个同样支持非单调的访问控制结构且表达能力丰富的选择密文安全快速解密KP-ABE方案.比较相关方案,所提出的2个方案都具备相当的解密效率.

关键词: 属性基加密, 选择密文安全, 非单调访问结构, 快速解密, 大属性空间

Abstract: Attribute-based encryption (ABE) is a promising version of public key encryption, since it enables fine-grained access control on the encrypted data. In a key-policy ABE (KP-ABE) scheme, every ciphertext is related to attributes set and each secret key is associated with an access structure. Therefore, the decryption overhead is usually proportional to the number of attributes used in decryption process in most existing KP-ABE schemes. Inspired by Hohenberger and Waters’ KP-ABE scheme with fast decryption, we propose a large universe KP-ABE with fast decryption supporting non-monotonic access structure, which is proven selective chosen attribute set secure and chosen plaintext secure in the random oracle model. Moreover, observing Lai expressive KP-ABE with fast decryption and applying with Chameleon Hash technique used to give a direct chosen ciphertext secure KP-ABE construction, we also give a direct chosen plaintext secure KP-ABE construction in the random oracle model, which still achieves the following features: non-monotonic access structure, large-universe and fast decryption. Compared with the related work, both two expressive large universe KP-ABE schemes enjoy comparable time efficiency in decryption process.

Key words: attribute-based encryption (ABE), chosen ciphertext security, non-monotonic access structure, fast decryption, large-universe