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    Research on Incremental Learning of Bayesian Network Structure Based on Genetic Algorithms
    Wang Fei, Liu Dayou, Wang Songxin
    2005, 42(9): 1461-1466.
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    MLSVM4—An SVM Fast Training Algorithm Based on Multi-Lagrange Multiplier
    Ye Ning, Sun Ruixiang, Dong Yisheng
    2005, 42(9): 1467-1471.
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    Layer Allocation Algorithms in Layered Peer-to-Peer Streaming with Source Server's Participation
    Liu Yajie and Dou Wenhua
    2005, 42(9): 1472-1477.
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    A Temporal Logic Semantics for UML Activity Diagrams
    Zhu Xueyang and Tang Zhisong
    2005, 42(9): 1478-1484.
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    Research on Decomposition Problem of Temporal Elementary Key Normal form and Temporal Simple Normal Form in Temporal Database with Multiple Time Granularities
    Hao Zhongxiao, Li Yanjuan
    2005, 42(9): 1485-1492.
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    An Effective Distributed k-Means Clustering Algorithm Based on the Pretreatment of Vectors' Inner-Product
    Ni Weiwei, Lu Jieping, and Sun Zhihui
    2005, 42(9): 1493-1497.
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    Finding Outliers in Distributed Data Streams Based on Kernel Density Estimation
    Yang Yidong, Sun Zhihui, Zhang Jing
    2005, 42(9): 1498-1504.
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    Bisecting Grid-Based Clustering Approach and Its Validity
    Yue Shihong, Wang Zhengyou
    2005, 42(9): 1505-1510.
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    pepReap: A Peptide Identification Algorithm Using Support Vector Machines
    Wang Haipeng, Fu Yan, Sun Ruixiang, He Simin, Zeng Rong, Gao Wen
    2005, 42(9): 1511-1518.
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    Multimodal Particle Swarm Optimization for Neural Network Ensemble
    Liu Yu, Qin Zheng, Lu Jiang, Shi Zhewen
    2005, 42(9): 1519-1526.
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    Research on Explanation Function for Reason Conclusions with Bayesian Network
    Wang Ronggui, Zhang Yousheng, Gao Jun, and Peng Qingsong
    2005, 42(9): 1527-1532.
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    Ensemble-Based Manifold Learning for Visualization
    Zhan Dechuan and Zhou Zhihua
    2005, 42(9): 1533-1537.
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    A Method of Autonomous Robot Navigation in Dynamic Unknown Environment
    Meng Wei, Huang Qingcheng, Han Xuedong, and Hong Bingrong
    2005, 42(9): 1538-1543.
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    Study of Key Techniques of the Inference Machine Model for Function-Structure Project of the New Instrument Product Development Based on Genetic Algorithm(GA)
    Shang Ji
    2005, 42(9): 1544-1549.
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    Adaptive RSVP Path Fast Handoff Scheme in Wireless/Mobile Networks
    Jiang Aiquan, Wu Jiagao, and Ye Xiaoguo
    2005, 42(9): 1550-1557.
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    Secure Access Control for Group Communication on Multi-Autonomous Domains Collaborative Environment
    Zhang Yu, Zhang Wenyi, Li Xianxian, and Huai Jinpeng
    2005, 42(9): 1558-1563.
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    Forwarding State Reduction Scheme Based on Interface Format for Sparse Mode Multicast
    Huang Kui, Wu Yichuan, Zheng Jianping, Wu Zhimei
    2005, 42(9): 1564-1570.
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    Modeling and Analysis of Non-Repudiation Protocols by Using Petri Nets
    Li Botao and Luo Junzhou
    2005, 42(9): 1571-1577.
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    Network Intrusion Detection and Attack Analysis Based on SOFM with Fast Nearest-Neighbor Search
    Zheng Jun, Hu Mingzeng, Yun Xiaochun, and Zhang Hongli
    2005, 42(9): 1578-1586.
    Abstract PDF
    Security Protocol and Scheme for Inter-Realm Information Accessing
    Peng Shuanghe, Han Zhen, Shen Changxiang
    2005, 42(9): 1587-1593.
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    A DDoS Attack Detection Method Based on Hidden Markov Model
    Zhou Dongqing, Zhang Haifeng, Zhang Shaowu, Hu Xiangpei
    2005, 42(9): 1594-1599.
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    A Learning-Based Peer-to-Peer Search Algorithm
    Chen Haitao, Gong Zhenghu, and Huang Zunguo
    2005, 42(9): 1600-1604.
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    Digital Audio Watermarking Based on Support Vector Machine (SVM)
    Wang Jian, Lin Fuzong
    2005, 42(9): 1605-1611.
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    A Multi-View Face Detection Based on Real Adaboost Algorithm
    Wu Bo, Huang Chang, Ai Haizhou, Lao Shihong
    2005, 42(9): 1612-1621.
    Abstract PDF
    Fingerprint Matching Based on Delaunay Triangulation
    Yin Yilong, Zhang Hongwei, and Liu Ning
    2005, 42(9): 1622-1627.
    Abstract PDF
    Matrix-Pattern-Oriented Ho-Kashyap Classifier with Regularization Learning
    Tian Yongjun and Chen Songcan
    2005, 42(9): 1628-1632.
    Abstract PDF
    Strategy of Combining Multiple Models Based on Image Sequence
    Cao Zhiqing, Shi Jiaoying, Zhang Shiming, Sun Xin, and Liu Peijun
    2005, 42(9): 1633-1639.
    Abstract PDF
    Feature Fusion Based on the Average Precision in Image Retrieval
    Ru Liyun, Ma Shaoping, and Lu Jing
    2005, 42(9): 1640-1646.
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