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    In Press

    In Press articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
    Data-pattern-aware Low-cost Cloud Log Storage Systems
    Efficient and Forward-Secure Attribute-Based Sanitizable Signature Scheme
    A Unified Framework for Multimodal Aspect-Term Extraction and Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification
    Multi-Level Structured Semantic Knowledge Enhanced Cross-Domain Named Entity Recognition
    A Searchable Symmetric Encryption Scheme Based on SRE
    State-of-the-Art Survey on Edge Intelligence
    A Dependent Task Offloading Method for Joint Delay and Energy Consumption
    SLP Vectorization Method Based on Multiple Isomorphic Transformations
    Regret Bounds for Online Pairwise Learning with Non-Convex Losses Using Stability
    Two-Stage Ensemble-Based Community Detection Algorithm in Multilayer Networks
    An Intrusion Detection Algorithm and Its Hardware Acceleration for CAN in Vehicles
    A Set Similarity Self-Join Algorithm with FP-tree and MapReduce
    Ancient Painting Inpainting Algorithm based on Multi-Channel Encoder and Dual Attention
    Improved Integral Attacks on MIBS Block Cipher
    Provably Secure Public Key Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search Based on SGX
    Cross-Domain Text Generation Method Based on Semantic Conduction of Intermediate Domains
    Attribute Signature Authentication Scheme Based on Blockchain and Trusted Execution Environment
    An Open Blockchain Oracle Scheme Based on Decentralized Identity
    A Federated Learning Model for Privacy Protection based on Blockchain and Dynamic Evaluation
    Ring Signature Based on the SM9 Digital Signature And Its Application in Blockchain Privacy Protection
    Twin Space Based Monocular Image Object Pose All-in-One Labeling Method
    Multi-Party Cross-Chain Transaction Scheme Based on Distributed Key Generation and Attribute-Based Encryption
    Event Detection Based on Hierarchical Latent Semantic-Driven Network
    Blockchain-assisted Semi-centralized Federated Learning Framework
    Hot Topic Detection of Web Video Based on Cross-Media Semantic Association Enhancement
    Lever: Learned-based Index for Efficient and Verifiable Query on DAG Blockchain
    Task Allocation Model Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning With Privacy Protection
    A Trustworthy and Fair Blockchain Framework Supporting Adaptive Federated Learning Task
    A Label Cleaning Method of ECG Data Based on Abnormality-Feature Patterns
    PieBridge:An On-demand Scalable Cross Chain Architecture
    A Side Channel Attack Based on Multi-Source Data Aggregation Neural Network
    Survey on In-Network Storage Systems
    Electroencephalogram Clustering with Multiple Regularization Constrained Pseudo Label Propagation Optimization
    Scientific and Technological Information Oriented Semantics-Adversarial and Media-Adversarial Cross-Media Retrieval
    Relationship Aggregation Network for Referring Expression Comprehension
    Cross Face-Voice Matching via Bi-Pseudo Label Based Self-Supervised Learning
    A Coordinator-Free Cross-Shard Transaction Execution for Sharded Permissioned Blockchains
    Trusted Execution Environment TEE: Research and Prospect
    Survey of Universal Domain Adaptation
    Survey of Textual Backdoor Attack and Defense
    An Intelligent Traffic Signal Coordination Method Based on Asynchronous Decision-Making
    Research and Trend of Graph Computing Architecture and Software System
    A Survey of Guaranteeing the Performance of Co-Located Applications
    A Survey of Artificial Intelligence Based IoT Malware Detection
    A Review of Internet of Vehicle Security Research: Threats, Countermeasures, and Future Prospects
    Machine Learning Based Runtime Detection and Recovery Method against UAV Sensor Attacks
    Quality Optimization for Dynamic Binary Translation Code Targeting RISC-V
    Vertex Betweenness Centrality Computation Method over Temporal Graphs
    A Dataflow Computing System for New Generation of Domestic Heterogeneous Many-Core Processors
    Context-Aware Based API Recommendation with Diversity
    Multi-User Preference Top-k Skyline Query Method Based on Road Network
    Multi-Agent Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient Method Via Double Critics
    A Fast Construction Method of the Erasure Code with Small Cross-Cloud Data Center Repair Traffic
    Exploration Approaches in Deep Reinforcement Learning Based on Intrinsic Motivation: A Review