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    Unpacking the Ethical Value Alignment in Big Models
    A Resource Allocation Method for Neuron Computer Operating System
    A Reconfigurable Cache Consistency Mechanism for Distributed Memory Pool
    Optimization of Parallel Computation on Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication with High Predictability
    Analysis Method of the JointCloud Resource Market: A Game-Theoretic Approach
    Exploiting Temporal-Spatial Characteristics for Function Scheduling in Serverless Computing
    Multi-Intensity Graded Virtual Tactile Feedback Based on Microcurrent Stimulation
    Survey on DBSCAN Acceleration Algorithms for Large Scale Data
    Algorithmic Fairness and Fairness Computing
    An Adversarial Example Generation Method for Locally Occluded Face Recognition
    Graph Representation Learning Enhancement Based on Local Optimization
    Influential Cohesive Subgraph Discovery Algorithm in Dual Networks
    Interpretable Image Caption Generation Based on Dependency Syntax
    Semi-Supervised Method for Cross-Lingual Word Embedding Based on an Adversarial Model with Double Discriminators
    Aitps: A Two-Party Signature Scheme from Asymmetry Module Lattice Problems
    A Vulnerability Detection Approach Based on Comparative Learning
    CLIP Based Multi-Event Representation Generation for Video-Text Retrieval
    Text-to-Image Generation Method Based on Image-Text Semantic Consistency