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    Research and Design of a Cluster Multimedia Storage System
    Wan Jiguang and Xie Changsheng
    2006, 43(8): 1311-1316.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multi-Agent Cooperation Model Based on Dynamic Description Logic
    Luo Jiewen, Shi Zhongzhi, Wang Maoguang, Lin Fen
    2006, 43(8): 1317-1322.
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    A New Data Clustering Algorithm for Parallel Whole-Genome Shotgun Sequence Assembly
    Lin Jiao, Chen Wenguang, Li Qiang, Zheng Weimin, Zhang Yimin
    2006, 43(8): 1323-1329.
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    A Multiple Sequence Alignment Algorithm Based on a Hidden Markov Model and Immune Particle Swarm Optimization
    Ge Hongwei and Liang Yanchun
    2006, 43(8): 1330-1336.
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    UPIM: A User-Centered Pen-Based Interactive System
    Wang Xiaochun, Tian Feng, Qin Yanyan, and Dai Guozhong
    2006, 43(8): 1337-1344.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approach to Monitoring and Controlling Workflow Systems Based on the Instance State
    Yu Wanjun, Liu Dayou, Liu Quan, Yang Bo
    2006, 43(8): 1345-1353.
    Abstract PDF
    An Integrated Framework for J2EE-Based E-Learning Systems and Its Application
    Li Wei, Luo Junzhou, and Cao Jiuxin
    2006, 43(8): 1354-1360.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient XML Documents Classification Method Based on Structure and Keywords Frequency
    Yuan Jiazheng, Xu De, Bao Hong
    2006, 43(8): 1361-1367.
    Abstract PDF
    Semantic Document Reference Metadata Extraction in SemreX
    Guo Zhixin, Jin Hai, and Chen Hanhua
    2006, 43(8): 1368-1374.
    Abstract PDF
    Research Progress in Testing Techniques of Component-Based Software
    Mao Chengying and Lu Yansheng
    2006, 43(8): 1375-1382.
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    Self-Organizing Peer-to-Peer Network Based on Community Mimicking Social Society
    Tang Jiuyang, Zhang Weiming, Xiao Weidong, and Tang Daquan
    2006, 43(8): 1383-1390.
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    A Centralized Warrant Distributing and Updating Approach for Secure Multicast Group Control
    Zhao Xin, Li Xiaojian, and Wu Wei
    2006, 43(8): 1391-1397.
    Abstract PDF
    Triple-Block-Chaining-Based Hash Function and Its Performance Analysis
    Huang Yuhua, Hu Aiqun, Wang Xingjian
    2006, 43(8): 1398-1404.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multi-Candidate Electronic Voting Scheme Based on Secure Sum Protocol
    Zhong Hong, Huang Liusheng, Luo Yonglong
    2006, 43(8): 1405-1410.
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    The PBL Method: A Novel Parallel Error Detection Method for Intrusion Tolerance Systems
    Li Qinghua and Zhao Feng
    2006, 43(8): 1411-1416.
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    Algorithm Research on “On the Fly” Model Checking Temporal Logics of Knowledge in Multi-Agent Systems
    Wu Lijun, Su Kaile, Chen Qingliang, Yang Zhihua
    2006, 43(8): 1417-1424.
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    The Directional Similarity-Based Clustering Method DSCM
    Xiu Yu, Wang Shitong, Wu Xisheng, Hu Dewen
    2006, 43(8): 1425-1431.
    Abstract PDF
    Application Research of Cognitive Physics in Data Mining
    Yang Bingru, Gao Jing, and Song Wei
    2006, 43(8): 1432-1438.
    Abstract PDF
    Interaction-Oriented Ability Specification and Reasoning
    Zhang Hui, Li Sikun
    2006, 43(8): 1439-1444.
    Abstract PDF
    Long-Term MAS Coalition Based on Fuzzy Relation
    Tong Xiangrong and Zhang Wei
    2006, 43(8): 1445-1449.
    Abstract PDF
    GLTO Design and Analysis
    Chen Yu, Zhu Xiaojing, Zou Qiong, and Liu Ling
    2006, 43(8): 1450-1456.
    Abstract PDF
    A Study of Software Test Criterion Effectiveness Measure
    Zhao Liang, Wang Jianmin, Sun Jiaguang
    2006, 43(8): 1457-1463.
    Abstract PDF
    Concurrent Behavior Control for Active Rules of Spatial Database
    Xiong Wei, Liao Wei, Chen Hongsheng, and Jing Ning
    2006, 43(8): 1464-1470.
    Abstract PDF
    A Register Allocation Algorithm for Predicated Code
    Wang Fengqin, Hu Dinglei, and Liu Chunlin
    2006, 43(8): 1471-1476.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Method for Facial Pose Discrimination and Frontal View Synthesis
    Chen Jiada, Lai Jianhuang, Feng Guocan
    2006, 43(8): 1477-1484.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of Dimension Reduction on Using Improved LLE Based on Clustering
    Wang Heyong, Zheng Jie, Yao Zheng'an, Li Lei
    2006, 43(8): 1485-1490.
    Abstract PDF