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    BH_GRAPH: A Real Time 3D Graphics Platform
    Zhao Qinping, Hao Aimin, Wang Lili, and He Bing
    2006, 43(9): 1491-1497.
    Abstract PDF
    An Accelerating Rendering Method of Hybrid Point and Polygon for Complex Three-Dimensional Model
    Hao Aimin and Tian Guifen
    2006, 43(9): 1498-1504.
    Abstract PDF
    Pre-Computed Radiance Transport All-Frequency Shadows Algorithm on GPU
    Wang Jing, Wang Lili, and Li Shuai
    2006, 43(9): 1505-1510.
    Abstract PDF
    A LIC Method for Visualization of Unstructured Vector Field
    He Bing, Chen Kai, and Yu Zhaohai
    2006, 43(9): 1511-1515.
    Abstract PDF
    Low Complexity Mode Decision for H.264 Inter Frame Encoding
    Zhang Dongming, Shen Yanfei, Lin Shouxun, Zhang Yongdong
    2006, 43(9): 1516-1522.
    Abstract PDF
    Video Texts Tracking and Segmentation Based on Multiple Frames
    Mi Congjie, Liu Yang, and Xue Xiangyang
    2006, 43(9): 1523-1529.
    Abstract PDF
    Cell Nucleus Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Growing Snake
    Hu Min, Ping Xijian, and Ding Yihong
    2006, 43(9): 1530-1536.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptive Many-Knot Splines Image Interpolation Based on Local Gradient Features
    Zhao Qianjin, Hu Min, Tan Jieqing
    2006, 43(9): 1537-1542.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Data Transfer Protocol for P2P-Based High Performance Computing
    Jin Hai, Luo Fei, Zhang Qin, and Zhang Hao
    2006, 43(9): 1543-1549.
    Abstract PDF
    Enhanced Survivability of Time Synchronization Network
    Zhang Yong, Fang Binxing, Ye Jianwei, Tian Zhihong, and Bao Xiuguo
    2006, 43(9): 1550-1556.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm of Constructing ALM Tree Based on User Behavior Analysis
    Luo Jianguang, Zhao Li, and Yang Shiqiang
    2006, 43(9): 1557-1563.
    Abstract PDF
    A Distributed Trust Model Based on Vector Space in P2P Networks
    Guo Leitao, Yang Shoubao, Wang Jing, and Zhou Jinyang
    2006, 43(9): 1564-1570.
    Abstract PDF
    Research of a Load Balancing Model Based on Mobile Agent
    Tian Junfeng, Liu Yuling, and Du Ruizhong
    2006, 43(9): 1571-1578.
    Abstract PDF
    A Load Balancing Algorithm for DHT-Based P2P Systems
    Li Zhenyu, Xie Gaogang
    2006, 43(9): 1579-1585.
    Abstract PDF
    MFPQT:A Streaming Media Scheduler Algorithm During IPv4-IPv6 Transition
    Wan Bin, Miao Zhongliang, Xia Shilin, Jin Weijian, Zhang Sabing, Wu Jieyi
    2006, 43(9): 1586-1592.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Friendly Worm Propagation Strategy Based on Diffusing Balance Tree
    Wang Bailing, Fang Binxing, Yun Xiaochun, Zhang Hongli, Chen Bo, Liu Yixuan
    2006, 43(9): 1593-1602.
    Abstract PDF
    A Distributed Dynamic Description Logic
    Jiang Yuncheng, Shi Zhongzhi, Tang Yong, Wang Ju
    2006, 43(9): 1603-1608.
    Abstract PDF
    Information Geometric Analysis of Pruning Algorithm
    Liu Yunhui, Luo Siwei, Huang Hua, and Li Aijun
    2006, 43(9): 1609-1614.
    Abstract PDF
    Improving Optimization for Genetic Algorithms Based on Level Set
    Li Qinghua, Yang Shida, and Ruan Youlin
    2006, 43(9): 1624-1629.
    Abstract PDF
    Inference Based Security Database Auditing Framework
    Yan Heping, Wang Zhengfei, Wang Wei, Shi Baile
    2006, 43(9): 1630-1638.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Data Stream Outliers Detection Algorithm Based on k-Means Partitioning
    Ni Weiwei, Lu Jieping, Chen Geng, and Sun Zhihui
    2006, 43(9): 1639-1643.
    Abstract PDF
    Web Information Extraction Based on HTML Pattern Algebra
    Li Shijun, Yu Junqing, Ou Weijie
    2006, 43(9): 1644-1650.
    Abstract PDF
    A Bottom-Up Distance-Based Index Tree for Metric Space
    Liu Bing, Yan Heping, Duan Jiangjiao, Wang Wei, and Shi Baile
    2006, 43(9): 1651-1657.
    Abstract PDF
    Phrase Alignment Based on Head-Phrase Extending
    Zhang Chunxiang, Li Sheng, and Zhao Tiejun
    2006, 43(9): 1658-1665.
    Abstract PDF
    Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation Based on a Dual-Cross Search Algorithm
    Liu Haihua, Lei Yi, Xie Changsheng
    2006, 43(9): 1666-1673.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptive Skin-Color Detection in Still Images
    Zhang Mingji, Wang Weiqiang, Zheng Qingfang, and Gao Wen
    2006, 43(9): 1674-1680.
    Abstract PDF