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    Confusion Detection Based on Petri-Net
    Zhao Mingfeng, Song Wen, Yang Yixian
    2008, 45(10): 1631-1637.
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    Counterexample Generation for Probabilistic Timed Automata Model Checking
    Zhang Junhua, Huang Zhiqiu, and Cao Zining
    2008, 45(10): 1638-1645.
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    A Scheme of Test Data Compression Based on Sharing-Run-Length Code
    Zhan Wenfa, Liang Huaguo, Shi Feng, Huang Zhengfeng, Ouyang Yiming
    2008, 45(10): 1646-1653.
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    An Avatar Migration Mechanism Based on Cell Buffer
    Zhou Zhong, Wang Shaofeng, and Wu Wei
    2008, 45(10): 1654-1661.
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    A Clustering Control Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks in Low Probability Event Scenario
    Liu Linfeng, Jin Shan
    2008, 45(10): 1662-1668.
    Abstract PDF
    Study of Grid Locality and Its Optimization
    Ai Lihua and Luo Siwei
    2008, 45(10): 1669-1675.
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    TXACML—An Access Control Policy Framework Based on Trusted Platform
    Nie Xiaowei, Feng Dengguo
    2008, 45(10): 1676-1686.
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    An Efficient and Provably Secure IBE Scheme Without Bilinear Map
    Xu Peng, Cui Guohua, and Lei Fengyu
    2008, 45(10): 1687-1695.
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    Steganalysis on Synonym Substitution Steganography
    Luo Gang, Sun Xingming, Xiang Lingyun, Liu Yuling, and Gan Can
    2008, 45(10): 1696-1703.
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    Research on Trust Model Based on Game Theory in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
    Luo Junhai and Fan Mingyu
    2008, 45(10): 1704-1710.
    Abstract PDF
    A Security Proof Method for Multilevel Security Models
    Si Tiange, Tan Zhiyong, and Dai Yiqi
    2008, 45(10): 1711-1717.
    Abstract PDF
    A Risk Detection and Fault Analysis Method for the Strategic Internet
    Li Qianmu and Liu Fengyu
    2008, 45(10): 1718-1723.
    Abstract PDF
    Combination of Multiple Features for Object/Background Segmentation Using Graph Cut
    Deng Yu and Li Hua
    2008, 45(10): 1724-1730.
    Abstract PDF
    A Point Based LargeScale Crowds RealTime 3D Visualization Method
    Shu Bo, Mao Tianlu, Xu Wenbin, Wang Zhaoqi
    2008, 45(10): 1731-1738.
    Abstract PDF
    Extracting Bottom-Up Attention Information Based on Local Complexity and Early Visual Features
    Tian Mei, Luo Siwei, Huang Yaping, and Zhao Jiali
    2008, 45(10): 1739-1746.
    Abstract PDF
    Effectiveness Analysis of AdaBoost
    Fu Zhongliang
    2008, 45(10): 1747-1755.
    Abstract PDF
    An Anytime Coalition Structure Generation Algorithm Based on Cardinality Structure
    Su Shexiong, Hu Shanli, Zheng Shengfu, Lin Chaofeng, and Luo Jianbin
    2008, 45(10): 1756.
    Abstract PDF
    A Policy-and Value- Iteration Algorithm for POMDP
    Sun Yong, Wu Bo, and Feng Yanpeng
    2008, 45(10): 1763-1768.
    Abstract PDF
    A Fast On-Line Index Construction Method Based on Dynamic Balancing Tree
    Guo Ruijie, Cheng Xueqi, Xu Hongbo, Wang Bin, Ding Guodong
    2008, 45(10): 1769-1775.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approximate Matching Algorithm for Large Scale Lexicons
    Gong Caichun, Huang Yulan, Xu Hongbo, Bai Shuo
    2008, 45(10): 1776-1781.
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    An O(1.414\+n) Volume Molecular Solutions for the Exact Cover Problem on DNA-Based Supercomputing
    Li Kenli, Liu Jie, Yang Lei, Liu Wenbin
    2008, 45(10): 1782-1788.
    Abstract PDF
    Using Graph Match Method to Resolve Multi-Way Branch in Binary Translation
    Chen Long, Wu Chenggang, Xie Haibin, Cui Huimin, Zhang Zhaoqing
    2008, 45(10): 1789-1798.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approach for Implementing Service-Oriented and Event-Driven Information Integration Platform
    Yang Zhiyi, Yang Gang, Zhang Haihui
    2008, 45(10): 1799-1806.
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