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    Dynamic Intrusion Response Based on Game Theory
    Shi Jin, Lu Yin, and Xie Li
    2008, 45(5): 747-757.
    Abstract PDF
    STBAC: A New Access Control Model for Operating System
    Shan Zhiyong and Shi Wenchang
    2008, 45(5): 758-764.
    Abstract PDF
    A Trust Valuation Model in MANET
    Ye Ayong, Ma Jianfeng
    2008, 45(5): 765-771.
    Abstract PDF
    A Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on Image Feature and PseudoZernike Moments
    Wang Xiangyang, Hou Limin, Yang Hongying
    2008, 45(5): 772-778.
    Abstract PDF
    Double Secret Keys and Double Random Numbers Authentication Scheme
    Tian Junfeng, Jiao Hongqiang, Li Ning, and Liu Tao
    2008, 45(5): 779-785.
    Abstract PDF
    BackboneBased Relative Positioning in Ad Hoc Networks
    Tian Mingjun, Zhao Dan, Wang Jingxuan, and Yan Wei
    2008, 45(5): 786-793.
    Abstract PDF
    An Improved Transport Layer Identification of PeertoPeer Traffic
    Xu Peng, Liu Qiong, and Lin Sen
    2008, 45(5): 794-802.
    Abstract PDF
    TBSN: A Taxonomy Hierarchy Based P2P Network
    Qiao Baiyou, Wang Guoren, and Ding Linlin
    2008, 45(5): 803-809.
    Abstract PDF
    A DelayConstrained Steiner Tree Algorithm Using MPH
    Zhou Ling, Sun Yamin
    2008, 45(5): 810-816.
    Abstract PDF
    A Survey on Operating System Power Management
    Zhao Xia, Chen Xiangqun, Guo Yao, Yang Fuqing
    2008, 45(5): 817-824.
    Abstract PDF
    A Formal Certifying Framework for Assembly Programs
    Li Zhaopeng, Chen Yiyun, Ge Lin, and Hua Baojian
    2008, 45(5): 825-833.
    Abstract PDF
    Software Pipelining with Cache Profiling Information
    Zhou Qian, Feng Xiaobing, and Zhang Zhaoqing
    2008, 45(5): 834-840.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Scheduling Algorithm in Grid Based on Dynamic Decisive Path
    Lin Jianning, Wu Huizhong
    2008, 45(5): 841-847.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Algorithm of Simultaneous Localization and Map Building (SLAM) with Particle Filter
    Guo Jianhui and Zhao Chunxia
    2008, 45(5): 853-860.
    Abstract PDF
    Cross Media Correlation Reasoning and Retrieval
    Zhang Hong, Wu Fei, Zhuang Yueting
    2008, 45(5): 869-876.
    Abstract PDF
    A CapacityShared Heterogeneous CMP Cache
    Gao Xiang, Zhang Longbing, Hu Weiwu
    2008, 45(5): 877-885.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on UserOriented Availability Modeling in Parallel Computer Systems
    Zheng Fang, Zheng Xiao, Li Hongliang, and Chen Zuoning
    2008, 45(5): 886-894.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Algorithm for DTDs Absolute Consistency Checking
    Lu Yan, Hao Zhongxiao
    2008, 45(5): 895-900.
    Abstract PDF
    NDSMMV—A New Dynamic Selection Strategy of Materialized Views for MultiDimensional Data
    Zhang Dongzhan, Huang Zongyi, and Xue Yongsheng
    2008, 45(5): 901-908.
    Abstract PDF
    Extraction and Removal of Frame Line in Form Bill
    Zhang Yan, Yu Shengyang, Zhang Chongyang, Yang Jingyu
    2008, 45(5): 909-914.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Approach to Ridgelet Transform
    Zhao Xiaoming, Ye Xijian
    2008, 45(5): 915-922.
    Abstract PDF