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    Survey of Naming and Addressing Architecture Based on Locator/Identifier Split
    Tu Rui, Su Jinshu, and Peng Wei
    2009, 46(11): 1777-1786.
    Abstract PDF
    Uplink Resource Allocation in Wireless MIMO Systems
    Pang Di, Zhou Jihua, Hu Jinlong, Dong Jiangtao, Shi Jinglin
    2009, 46(11): 1787-1796.
    Abstract PDF
    A Fast Algorithm for Inferring AS-Level Path of Internet Topology
    Yang Guoqiang and Dou Wenhua
    2009, 46(11): 1797-1802.
    Abstract PDF
    Data Allocation Algorithms in P2P Streaming
    Li Zeping, Lu Xianliang, Nie Xiaowen, Li Lin
    2009, 46(11): 1803-1813.
    Abstract PDF
    Recommendation-Based Grid Resource Matching Algorithm
    Lin Yuan, Luo Siwei, and Yang Liner
    2009, 46(11): 1814-1820.
    Abstract PDF
    A Resource Allocating Algorithm in Grid Workflow Based on Critical Regions Reliability
    Yu Jiong, Tian Guozhong, Cao Yuanda, Sun Xianhe
    2009, 46(11): 1821-1829.
    Abstract PDF
    Continuous Versioning-Based Auditable File System
    Huang Rongrong, Shu Jiwu, Chen Kang, and Xiao Da
    2009, 46(11): 1830-1838.
    Abstract PDF
    Automated Testing of the Trusted Platform Module
    Zhan Jing, Zhang Huanguo
    2009, 46(11): 1839-1846.
    Abstract PDF
    Identification of Anomalous Traffic Clusters for Network-Wide Anomaly Analysis
    Yang Yahui, Du Keming
    2009, 46(11): 1847-1853.
    Abstract PDF
    Verifying Network Security Policy Based on Features
    Tang Chenghua, Yu Shunzheng
    2009, 46(11): 1854-1861.
    Abstract PDF
    Fingerprint-Based Random Sequence Generator
    Zhu Hegui, Zhang Xiangde, Yang Lianping, and Tang Qingsong
    2009, 46(11): 1862-1867.
    Abstract PDF
    Comparison of Executable Objects Based on Singatures and Properties
    Fu Jianming, Qiao Wei, Gao Debin
    2009, 46(11): 1868-1876.
    Abstract PDF
    Improved Algorithms for Weighted 3D-Matching
    Feng Qilong, Wang Jianxin, and Chen Jianer
    2009, 46(11): 1877-1884.
    Abstract PDF
    A Detection Algorithm for Rain-Affected Moving Objects
    Xu Jing, Liu Peng, Liu Jiafeng, and Tang Xianglong
    2009, 46(11): 1885-1892.
    Abstract PDF
    Gesture Synthesis Based on Virtual Newscaster for Broadcast TV News Programs
    Yan Qingcong, Chen Yiqiang, and Liu Junfa
    2009, 46(11): 1893-1899.
    Abstract PDF
    A Buffer Based Extensional Model for Topological Relation and Its Application
    Wang Shengsheng, Liu Jie, Xie Qi, and Liu Dayou
    2009, 46(11): 1900-1906.
    Abstract PDF
    Structural Risk Minimization Principle Based on Complex Random Samples
    Ha Minghu, Tian Jingfeng, Zhang Zhiming
    2009, 46(11): 1907-1916.
    Abstract PDF
    Action Reasoning Independent of Designer
    Zhou Shengming, Wang Ju, Jiang Yuncheng
    2009, 46(11): 1917-1924.
    Abstract PDF
    An Improved Working Set Selection Strategy for Sequential Minimal Optimization Algorithm
    Zeng Zhiqiang, Wu Qun, Liao Beishui, Zhu Shunzhi
    2009, 46(11): 1925-1933.
    Abstract PDF
    An SVM Active Learning Algorithm and Its Application in Obstacle Detection
    Han Guang, Zhao Chunxia, and Hu Xuelei
    2009, 46(11): 1934-1941.
    Abstract PDF
    Semi-supervised Learning of Promoter Sequences Based on EM Algorithm
    Wang Lihong, Zhao Xianjia, Wu Shuanhu
    2009, 46(11): 1942-1948.
    Abstract PDF
    Principal Component Linear Regression Analysis on Performance of Applications
    Li Shengmei, Cheng buqi, Gao Xingyu, Qiao Lin, Tang Zhizhong
    2009, 46(11): 1949-1955.
    Abstract PDF
    Reductive Data Cube Based on Formal Concept Analysis
    Shi Zhibin and Huang Houkuan
    2009, 46(11): 1956-1962.
    Abstract PDF