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    Design of a Cognition-Enhanced Wireless Sensor Node
    Liu Zhiwu and Wu Wei
    2009, 46(12): 1963-1970.
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    Multi-Channel Reliability Modeling and Analysis for IEEE802.15.4 in Industrial Environment
    Wang Qin, Wan Yadong, Li Lei, and Duan Shihong
    2009, 46(12): 1971-1984.
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    A Model of Energy Consumption Based on Characteristic Analysis of Wireless Communication and Computation
    Cheng Xiaoliang, Deng Zhidong, Dong Zhiran
    2009, 46(12): 1985-1993.
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    An Energy-Efficient Task Assignment Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Network
    Li Zhigang, Zhou Xingshe, Li Shining, and Ma Junyan
    2009, 46(12): 1994-2002.
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    EasiTOD: A Detection and Adjustment Mechanism to Reduce the Interference of the Timeliness Obstacles in Sensor Networks
    Zhang Le, Li Dong, Cui Li
    2009, 46(12): 2003-2013.
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    DSMAC: Media Access Control Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
    Li Ruifang, Li Renfa, Luo Juan, and Wei Yehua
    2009, 46(12): 2014-2023.
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    HM-MAC: A Multi-Channel MAC Protocol for Sensor Network with Broadcast Supporting
    Zhang Desheng, Li Jinbao, Guo Longjiang, Ji Shouling, and Wang Yu
    2009, 46(12): 2024-2032.
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    A Tree-Based Clustering Construction Algorithm (TBCCA) in Wireless Sensor Network
    Huang Haiping, Wang Ruchuan, Jiang Hao, Sun Lijuan, and Li Jing
    2009, 46(12): 2033-2043.
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    An Distributed and Directed Clustering Algorithm Based on Load Balance for Wireless Sensor Network
    Liu Xinhua, Li Fangmin, Kuang Hailan, Fang Yilin
    2009, 46(12): 2044-2052.
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    A Disjoint Multi-Path Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
    Fang Xiaolin, Shi Shengfei, and Li Jianzhong
    2009, 46(12): 2053-2061.
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    A V2V Broadcast Protocol for Chain Collision Avoidance on Highways
    Zhou Huan, Xu Shouzhi, and Li Chengxia
    2009, 46(12): 2062-2067.
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    A Message Transmission Scheme for Community-Based Opportunistic Network
    Niu Jianwei, Zhou Xing, Liu Yan, Sun Limin, Ma Jian
    2009, 46(12): 2068-2075.
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    COBRA: A Collaboration Based Reinforcement Mechanism for Mass Transmission in VANETs
    Tian Rui, Sun Limin, Liu Yan, Ma Jian
    2009, 46(12): 2076-2084.
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    A Wavelet Data Compression Algorithm with Memory-Efficiency for Wireless Sensor Network
    Zhou Siwang, Lin Yaping, Ye Songtao, Hu Yupeng
    2009, 46(12): 2085-2092.
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    A Secure and Efficient Data Survival Strategy in Unattended Wireless Sensor Network
    Ren Wei, Ren Yi, Zhang Hui, Zhao Junge
    2009, 46(12): 2093-2100.
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    A Multiple-Regression-Model-Based Missing Values Imputation Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
    Pan Liqiang and Li Jianzhong
    2009, 46(12): 2101-2110.
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    An EnergyEfficient Data Storage Method in Wireless Sensor Network
    Fu Xiong, Wang Ruchuan, and Deng Song
    2009, 46(12): 2111-2116.
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    A Faulty Sensor Node Tolerance Algorithm Based on Cut Point Set
    Ye Songtao, Lin Yaping, Hu Yupeng, Zhou Siwang, You Zhiqiang
    2009, 46(12): 2117-2125.
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    A Path Coverage-Enhancing Algorithm for Directional Sensor Network Based on Improved Potential Field
    Xiao Fu, Wang Ruchuan, Ye Xiaoguo, Sun Lijuan
    2009, 46(12): 2126-2133.
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    A Distributed Target Detection Algorithm Based on Credit-Degree in Wireless Sensor Network
    Zou Liang, Huang Liusheng, Wang Gang, and Xu Hongli
    2009, 46(12): 2134-2142.
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    An Effective Location Updating Mechanism for Tracking Systems in Wireless Sensor Network
    Xu Xueyong, Huang Liusheng, Huo Yongkai, Xiao Mingjun, and Xu Hongli
    2009, 46(12): 2143-2152.
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