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    A Linear Programming Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Localization
    Wang Shanshan, Yin Jianping, Zhang Guomin, Cai Zhiping
    2009, 46(5): 705-712.
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    Real-Time and Reliable Greedy Geographical Routing for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
    Zhang Hengyang, Fan Weihong, Wang Ling, and Zhou Dongxiang
    2009, 46(5): 713-722.
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    BPEC:An Energy-Aware Distributed Clustering Algorithm in WSNs
    Zhou Xinlian, Wu Min, Xu Jianbo
    2009, 46(5): 723-730.
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    CMV-HOT:An Evolution Model of Inter-Domain Routing System Based on the Complex System Theory
    Zhao Jinjing, Huang Minhuan, Zhu Peidong
    2009, 46(5): 731-737.
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    Survey of TCP Improvement over Multi-Hop Wireless and Wired Hybrid Networks
    Yan Guofeng and Wang Jianxin
    2009, 46(5): 738-746.
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    Code Layout for Phase Prefetch on Instruction Cache
    Hu Xiao and Chen Shuming
    2009, 46(5): 747-755.
    Abstract PDF
    An Analytical Model for Large-Scale Storage System with Replicated Data
    Mu Fei, Xue Wei, Shu Jiwu, and Zheng Weimin
    2009, 46(5): 756-761.
    Abstract PDF
    An Improved Block-Level Continuous Data Protection Mechanism
    Li Xu, Xie Changsheng, Yang Jing, Cao Qiang, Wei Qinqi
    2009, 46(5): 762-769.
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    RQIC: An Efficient Similarity Searching Algorithm on Time Series
    Jiang Tao, Feng Yucai, Zhu Hong, and Li Guohui
    2009, 46(5): 770-778.
    Abstract PDF
    CBC-DS: A Classification Algorithm Based on Closed Frequent Patterns for Mining Data Streams
    Ao Fujiang, Wang Tao, Liu Baohong, Huang Kedi
    2009, 46(5): 779-786.
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    Revising the Parameters of Bayesian Network with Multi-Father Nodes from Small Data Set
    Wang Shuangcheng, Leng Cuiping, Cao Feng
    2009, 46(5): 787-793.
    Abstract PDF
    Gene Selection for Cancer Classification in Microarray Data
    Zhang Lijuan, Li Zhoujun
    2009, 46(5): 794-802.
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    A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Minimum Spanning Tree
    Li Miqing, Zheng Jinhua, and Luo Biao
    2009, 46(5): 803-813.
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    Research on Generalized Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm with Improved Fuzzy Partitions
    Zhu Lin, Wang Shitong, Deng Zhaohong
    2009, 46(5): 814-822.
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    Region Relations of the Irregular Vague Regions with Holes Based on Vague Sets
    Li Song, Hao Zhongxiao
    2009, 46(5): 823-831.
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    Describing and Cost Analyzing of Web Services Composition Using PPA
    Xiao Fangxiong, Huang Zhiqiu, Cao Zining, Yuan Min, and Zhang Junhua
    2009, 46(5): 832-840.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approach for Measuring Quality of Web Services Based on the Superposition of Uncertain Factors
    Yue Kun, Liu Weiyi, Wang Xiaoling, Li Jin
    2009, 46(5): 841-849.
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    Fuzzy Extractor Based Remote Mutual Biometric Authentication
    Zhang Fan and Feng Dengguo
    2009, 46(5): 850-856.
    Abstract PDF
    An ID-Based Efficient Signcryption Key Encapsulation Scheme
    Lai Xin, Huang Xiaofang, He Dake
    2009, 46(5): 857-863.
    Abstract PDF
    Region-Based Image Annotation Using Heuristic Support Vector Machine in Multiple-Instance Learning
    Lu Jing and Ma Shaoping
    2009, 46(5): 864-871.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Fast Algorithm for MAP Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction
    Xiao Chuangbai, Yu Jing, Xue Yi
    2009, 46(5): 872-880.
    Abstract PDF
    The VLSI Design of AVS Entropy Coder
    Xu Long, Deng Lei, Peng Xiaoming, Ji Xiangyang, Gao Wen
    2009, 46(5): 881-888.
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