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    A Survey of Research on Inter-Domain Authorization Interoperation
    Wang Yazhe and Feng Dengguo
    2010, 47(10): 1673-1689.
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    Event Matching Algorithm Based on the Judgment of Redundant Attributes in Publish/Subscribe Systems
    Liu Guo, Zhou Zhong, and Wu Wei
    2010, 47(10): 1690-1699.
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    t-PCRTT: An Adaptive Segmentation Algorithm of PCRTT
    Wang Zilei, Xu Shubin, and Xi Hongsheng
    2010, 47(10): 1700-1708.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approach to Mobile Position Tracking Based on Support Vector Regression and Game Theory
    Zeng Fanzi, Liang Zhenhua, and Li Renfa
    2010, 47(10): 1709-1713.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Defense Strategies Selection Based on Attack-Defense Stochastic Game Model
    Jiang Wei, Fang Binxing, Tian Zhihong, Zhang Hongli
    2010, 47(10): 1714-1723.
    Abstract PDF
    Hierarchical Online Risk Assessment for Intrusion Scenarios
    Mu Chengpo, Huang Houkuan, Tian Shengfeng
    2010, 47(10): 1724-1732.
    Abstract PDF
    Weight Affinity Propagation and Its Application to Text Clustering
    Guan Renchu, Pei Zhili, Shi Xiaohu, Yang Chen, Liang Yanchun
    2010, 47(10): 1733-1740.
    Abstract PDF
    Implementation of a Meta-Property Based Quantity Attribute-Value Extraction System
    Lu Han, Cao Cungen, Wang Shi
    2010, 47(10): 1741-1748.
    Abstract PDF
    K-Modes Clustering Algorithm Based on a New Distance Measure
    Liang Jiye, Bai Liang, Cao Fuyuan
    2010, 47(10): 1749-1755.
    Abstract PDF
    A Propositional Planning Encoding Method by Reducing Action Variables
    Lü Shuai, Liu Lei, Jiang Hong, and Shi Jingjing
    2010, 47(10): 1756-1763.
    Abstract PDF
    Position Prediction Based on Adaptive Multi-Order Markov Model
    Lü Mingqi, Chen Ling, Chen Gencai
    2010, 47(10): 1764-1770.
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    Gridded Dominant Graph: A More Efficient Index Structure for top-k Queries Based on Reverse Dominant Point Set
    Gan Liang, Jin Xin, Jia Yan, Li Aiping, Pan Yangke
    2010, 47(10): 1771-1784.
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    An Algorithm for Sequence Similarity Query with Optimized Multiple Filtering
    Dai Dongbo, Tang Chunlei, Qiu Boren, Xiong Yun, and Zhu Yangyong
    2010, 47(10): 1785-1796.
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    Research on Database Transaction Recovery Log and Intrusion Response
    Chen Chi, Feng Dengguo, and Xu Zhen
    2010, 47(10): 1797-1804.
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    LHFR: A Hierarchical Failure Recovery Algorithm for Long Running Transactions
    Ren Yi, Guan Jianbo, Ao Qi, Dai Huadong, and Wu Qingbo
    2010, 47(10): 1805-1811.
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    A Robust Image Copy Detection Scheme Using Ordinal Measure of Full DCT Coefficients
    Ling Hefei, Xu Zhihua, Zou Fuhao, Lu Zhengding, and Li Ping
    2010, 47(10): 1812-1822.
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    Highlights Extraction for Soccer Video Based on Affection Arousal
    Yu Junqing, He Huanhuan, He Yunfeng
    2010, 47(10): 1823-1831.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Object Storage Device End Data Management Strategy
    Liu Jingning, Xie Liming, Feng Dan, and Lü Man
    2010, 47(10): 1832-1839.
    Abstract PDF
    JUTA: An Automated Unit Testing Framework for Java
    Yan Jun, Guo Tao, Ruan Hui, Xuan Jifeng
    2010, 47(10): 1840-1848.
    Abstract PDF
    Context-Aware Recommendation Algorithm Based on Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
    Zhang Fuzhi, Chang Junfeng, and Zhou Quanqiang
    2010, 47(10): 2185-2194.
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