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    Integrative Reasoning with Topological, Directional and Size Information Based on MBR
    Chen Juan, Liu Dayou, Jia Haiyang, and Zhang Changhai
    2010, 47(3)
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    Current Progress and Research Issues in Underwater Sensor Networks
    Guo Zhongwen, Luo Hanjiang, Hong Feng, Yang Meng, Lionel M Ni
    2010, 47(3): 377-389.
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    On the Joint Optimization of Coding Cost and Link Cost with Network Coding
    Deng Liang, Zhao Jin, and Wang Xin
    2010, 47(3): 390-397.
    Abstract PDF
    Steady State Throughput Modeling of TCP NewReno
    Sun Wei, Wen Tao, Feng Ziqin, Guo Quan
    2010, 47(3): 398-406.
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    Distributed Topology Control Algorithm for Ad Hoc Networks Using Steered Beam Directional Antennas
    Wang Dong, Chen Wenbin, Li Xiaohong, Hu Ting, Zhang Dafang
    2010, 47(3): 407-415.
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    Similar Sub-Sequences Search over Multi-Dimensional Time Series Data
    Cheng Wencong, Zou Peng, and Jia Yan
    2010, 47(3): 416-425.
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    An Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Multiple-Grain Representation for the Traveling Salesman Problems
    Ji Junzhong, Huang Zhen, Liu Chunnian, and Dai Qiguo
    2010, 47(3): 434-444.
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    Learning Non-Deterministic Action Models for Web Services from WSBPEL Programs
    Rao Dongning, Jiang Zhihua, Jiang Yunfei, Wu Kangheng
    2010, 47(3): 445-454.
    Abstract PDF
    A Hybrid Fault Diagnosis Model in Distributed Application Management
    Li Yunchun and Qin Xianlong
    2010, 47(3): 455-462.
    Abstract PDF
    Mining Top-K Significant Itemsets in Landmark Windows over Data Streams
    Yang Bei, Huang Houkuan
    2010, 47(3): 463-473.
    Abstract PDF
    Distance-Based Outlier Detection on Uncertain Data
    Yu Hao, Wang Bin, Xiao Gang, Yang Xiaochun
    2010, 47(3): 474-484.
    Abstract PDF
    An Online Adaptive Network Anomaly Detection System-Model and Algorithm
    Wei Xiaotao, Huang Houkuan, Tian Shengfeng
    2010, 47(3): 485-492.
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    VFRS: A Novel Approach for Intrusion Tolerance in Virtual Computing Environment
    Zhao Feng, Jin Hai, Jin Li, Yuan Pingpeng
    2010, 47(3): 493-499.
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    Reactive Worms Propagation Modeling and Analysis in Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Feng Chaosheng, Qin Zhiguang, Laurence Cuthbert, Laurissa Tokarchuk
    2010, 47(3): 500-507.
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    A Multilevel Security Model Based on Time Limit
    Fan Yanfang, Han Zhen, Cao Xianggang, and He Yongzhong
    2010, 47(3): 508-514.
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    A Subjective Trust Management Model Based on Certainty-Factor for MANETs
    Luo Junhai, Fan Mingyu
    2010, 47(3): 515-523.
    Abstract PDF
    An Optimization of Broadcast on Godson-T Many-Core System Architecture
    Bao Ergude, Li Weisheng, Fan Dongrui, Yang Yang, Ma Xiaoyu
    2010, 47(3): 524-531.
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    Performance Analysis of the 2-D Networks-On-Chip for Local Uniform Random Communication Pattern
    Wang Wei, Qiao Lin, Yang Guangwen, Tang Zhizhong
    2010, 47(3): 532-540.
    Abstract PDF
    An Extended π-Calculus and Its Transactional Bisimulation
    Yuan Min, Huang Zhiqiu, Cao Zining, and Xiao Fangxiong
    2010, 47(3): 541-548.
    Abstract PDF
    Survey of Shape from Image
    Shu Bo, Qiu Xianjie, Wang Zhaoqi
    2010, 47(3): 549-560.
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