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    A Source-to-Source Translation Method with Type Restoration in a Compiler
    Mi Wei, Li Yuxiang, Chen Li, Feng Xiaobing, Zhang Zhaoqing
    2010, 47(7): 1145-1155.
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    A Software Architecture Model Supporting Analysis and Planning in Self-Adaptation
    Chen Xiangping, Huang Gang, Sun Yanchun, and Mei Hong
    2010, 47(7): 1156-1164.
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    Artemis-GADE: A Graph Grammar-Directed Development Environment for Software Architecture
    Xing Yang, Xie Deping, Ma Xiaoxing, Cao Chun, Lü Jian
    2010, 47(7): 1165-1174.
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    A Model-Based Software System Monitoring Approach
    Shao Jin, Deng Fang, and Wang Qianxiang
    2010, 47(7): 1175-1183.
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    An Approach of Real-Time Workflow Modeling Based on UML
    Xu Liang, Zhang Li, and Fan Zhiqiang
    2010, 47(7): 1184-1191.
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    A Web Performance Testing Framework and Its Mixed Performance Modeling Process
    Ming Zhong, Yin Jianfei, Yang Wei, Wang Hui, and Xiao Zhijiao
    2010, 47(7): 1192-1200.
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    Race Condition and Its Analysis Approach of Real-time Embedded Systems
    Chen Yan, Xu Xiaofeng, Li Xiaochao, Guo Donghui
    2010, 47(7): 1201-1210.
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    An Administrable and Manageable P2P-SIP Based VoIP System
    Chen Xi, Li Zhenyu, Xie Gaogang
    2010, 47(7): 1211-1218.
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    Optimizing Design of Server Deployment in P2P Streaming System
    Yang Yahui, Niu Zhenying, Xu Ke
    2010, 47(7): 1219-1224.
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    Graph Embedding-Based Scalable Routing in Large Networks
    Tang Mingdong, Zhang Guoqing, Yang Jing
    2010, 47(7): 1225-1233.
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    A KNN-Join Algorithm Based on Δ-Tree for High-Dimensional Data
    Liu Yan, Hao Zhongxiao
    2010, 47(7): 1234-1343.
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    Group Nearest Neighbor Queries Based on Voronoi Diagrams
    Sun Dongpu, Hao Zhongxiao
    2010, 47(7): 1244-1251.
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    A Role-Based Access Control Model Based on Space, Time and Scale
    Zhang Yingjun, Feng Dengguo
    2010, 47(7): 1252-1260.
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    Feature Selection of the Intrusion Detection Data Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Neighborhood Reduction
    Chen Shitao, Chen Guolong, Guo Wenzhong, and Liu Yanhua
    2010, 47(7): 1261-1267.
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    Architecture of Spatial Ontology for Text-to-Scene Conversion System
    Li Hanjing, Xue Xiaoping, Zhao Tiejun
    2010, 47(7): 1268-1275.
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    Ontology-Based Knowledge Representation for Computer-Aided Fixture Design
    Zheng Junhong, He Lili, and Ye Xiuzi
    2010, 47(7): 1276-1285.
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    ISO-Neighborhood Projection
    Zheng Zhonglong, Chang Xueping, Yang Jie
    2010, 47(7): 1286-1293.
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    Secondary Segmentation Algorithm for Magnetic Resonance Brain Image Based on Local Entropy Minimization
    Che Na, Che Xiangjiu, Gao Zhanheng, and Wang Zhengxuan
    2010, 47(7): 1294-1303.
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    Invertible Image Watermarking Based on Zero Coefficient Index
    Zeng Xiao, Chen Zhenyong, Chen Ming, and Xiong Zhang
    2010, 47(7): 1304-1312.
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    VLSI Implementation of Multi-Standard LDPC Decoder Based on SIMD Architecture
    Huang Shuangqu, Xiang Bo, Bao Dan, Chen Yun, and Zeng Xiaoyang
    2010, 47(7): 1313-1320.
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