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    ACR:An Ant-Colony-based Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
    Yang Zhenguo, Huang Liusheng, Xiao Mingjun, Huang He, Zhang Yindong, Zhu Youwen
    2012, 49(12): 2501-2514.
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    Cost-Optimizing Adaptive Location Service Protocol in MANET
    Zong Ming, Wang Xiaodong, and Zhou Xingming
    2012, 49(12): 2515-2528.
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    Study on Network Cascading Failures Based on Load-Capacity Model
    Guo Chi, Wang Lina, Li Yu, Zhou Furong
    2012, 49(12): 2529-2538.
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    A Game-Based Interaction Scheme among Mobile Nodes in Wireless Access Networks
    Gui Jinsong, Chen Zhigang, and Deng Xiaoheng
    2012, 49(12): 2539-2548.
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    Pay-As-You-Go Web Services Discovery
    Pan Ying, Tang Yong
    2012, 49(12): 2549-2558.
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    Algorithms of Spanning Tree Based on the Stability Probability and Contribution Link of Nodes for Application Layer Multicast
    Huo Lin, Li Deshun, and Tan Yinglu
    2012, 49(12): 2559-2567.
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    A High Efficient Boolean Polynomial Representation
    Li Xin, Lin Dongdai, Xu Lin
    2012, 49(12): 2568-2574.
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    Practical Multi-Coupon Schemes with Strong Unsplittability
    Liu Xin, Xu Qiuliang
    2012, 49(12): 2575-2590.
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    Symbolic Algorithmic Verification of Generalized Noninference
    Zhou Conghua, Wu Hailing, and Ju Shiguang
    2012, 49(12): 2591-2602.
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    Personalized l-Diversity Algorithm for Multiple Sensitive Attributes Based on Minimum Selected Degree First
    Yang Jing, Wang Bo
    2012, 49(12): 2603-2610.
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    An Enhanced Dynamic Password Generation Algorithm and Resynchronization Scheme
    Liu Xiao, Liu Weiran, and Li Weiyu
    2012, 49(12): 2611-2618.
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    Design of Key Exchange Protocol Based on Short Group Signature
    Sun Yu, Han Qingtong, and Liu Jianwei
    2012, 49(12): 2619-2622.
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    A Rule Learning Algorithm for Event Detection Based on Semantic Trajectory
    Jiang Guang, Wang Xiaofeng, Shi Zhongzhi
    2012, 49(12): 2623-2630.
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    Ensemble Learning of ELM Regressors Based on l1-regularization
    Wang Quan and Chen Songcan
    2012, 49(12): 2631-2637.
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    An AP Clustering Algorithm of Fine-Grain Parallelism Based on Improved Attribute Reduction
    Zhu Hong, Ding Shifei, Xu Xinzheng
    2012, 49(12): 2638-2644.
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    A New Algorithm on Lagged Correlation Analysis Between Time Series: TPFP
    Lin Ziyu, Jiang Yi, Lai Yongxuan, Lin Chen
    2012, 49(12): 2645-2655.
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    A Categorization Approach Based on Adapted Decision Tree Algorithm for Web Databases Query Results
    Meng Xiangfu, Ma Zongmin, Zhang Xiaoyan, Wang Xing
    2012, 49(12): 2656-2670.
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    A Model Driven Development Method for Pen-Based Form Interface Software
    Fan Yinting, Teng Dongxing, Ma Cuixia, Yang Haiyan, Dai Guozhong, Wang Hong'an
    2012, 49(12): 2671-2685.
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    An Active Contour Model Based on Region Saliency for Image Segmentation
    Bai Xuefei, Wang Wenjian, Liang Jiye
    2012, 49(12): 2686-2695.
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    A Self-Adapting Bilateral Total Variation Technology for Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction
    Yang Xin, Zhou Dake, Fei Shumin
    2012, 49(12): 2696-2701.
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    OSOSM:Operating System Object Semantics Model and Formal Verification
    Qian Zhenjiang, Liu Wei, and Huang Hao
    2012, 49(12): 2702-2712.
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    An Algebraic-Mapping-Based Phase-Change Memory Matrix Wear-Leveling Method
    Du Yuyang, Yu Hongliang, Zheng Weimin
    2012, 49(12): 2713-2720.
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