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    Secure Information Flow in Java by Optimized Reachability Analysis of Weighted Pushdown System
    Sun Cong, Tang Liyong, Chen Zhong, Ma Jianfeng
    2012, 49(5): 901-912.
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    A QI Weight-Aware Approach to Privacy Preserving Publishing Data Set
    Xu Yong, Qin Xiaolin, Yang Yitao, Yang Zhongxue, Huang Can
    2012, 49(5): 913-924.
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    Construction of Transformation Matrix with a Given Period Modulo N
    Liu Duo, Dai Yiqi
    2012, 49(5): 925-931.
    Abstract PDF
    Two Identity Based Threshold Cryptosystem with Reduced Trust in PKG
    Long Yu, Xu Xian, Chen Kefei
    2012, 49(5): 932-938.
    Abstract PDF
    Trusted Intra-Domain Fast Authentication Protocol Based on Split Mechanism Network
    Zheng Lijuan, Han Zhen
    2012, 49(5): 939-948.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Unknown Malicious Code Automatic Detection Based on Space Relevance Features
    Li Peng, Wang Ruchuan, Wu Ning
    2012, 49(5): 949-957.
    Abstract PDF
    Security Analysis of an RFID Protocol Based on Insubvertible Encryption
    Wei Yongzhuang, Ouyang Ning, Ma Chunbo
    2012, 49(5): 958-961.
    Abstract PDF
    A Group Proxy Signature Scheme Based on Sub-Secret Evolution
    Gu Ke, Jia Weijia, Jiang Chunlin
    2012, 49(5): 962-973.
    Abstract PDF
    Intrusion Detection System Using CVM Algorithm with Extensive Kernel Methods
    Wang Qi'an and Chen Bing
    2012, 49(5): 974-982.
    Abstract PDF
    A Method of Disjoint Quantitative Analysis for Dynamic Fault Tree
    Zhang Honglin, Zhang Chunyuan, Liu Dong, Fu Jian
    2012, 49(5): 983-995.
    Abstract PDF
    XenRPC:Design and Implementation of Security VM Remote Procedure Call
    Chen Hao, Peng Cuifen, Sun Jianhua, and Shi Lin
    2012, 49(5): 996-1004.
    Abstract PDF
    A Division Based Composite Service Selection Approach
    Zhang Mingwei, Zhang Bin, Zhang Xizhe, Zhu Zhiliang
    2012, 49(5): 1005-1017.
    Abstract PDF
    Energy-Aware Scheduling of Hard Real-Time Tasks in VFD-Based Multi-Core Systems
    Wu Xiaodong, Han Jianjun, Wang Tianjiang
    2012, 49(5): 1018-1027.
    Abstract PDF
    A Dependability Evaluation Model for Internetware Based on Bayesian Network
    Si Guannan, Ren Yuhan, Xu Jing, and Yang Jufeng
    2012, 49(5): 1028-1038.
    Abstract PDF
    Automated Test Data Generation Using Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Maintaining Population Diversity
    Wang Jianmin and Cai Yuan
    2012, 49(5): 1039-1048.
    Abstract PDF
    A Cache Replacement Policy Based on Reuse Distance Prediction and Stream Detection
    Lin Junmin, Wang Wei, Qiao Lin, and Tang Zhizhong
    2012, 49(5): 1049-1060.
    Abstract PDF
    A Bus Arbitration Scheme for Memory Access Performance Optimization
    Liu Dan, Feng Yi, Tong Dong, Cheng Xu, and Wang Keyi
    2012, 49(5): 1061-1071.
    Abstract PDF
    Anaphoricity Determination for Coreference Resolution in English and Chinese Languages
    Kong Fang, Zhu Qiaoming, and Zhou Guodong
    2012, 49(5): 1072-1085.
    Abstract PDF
    Double Center Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
    Tang Kezong, Liu Bingxiang, Yang Jingyu, Sun Tingkai
    2012, 49(5): 1086-1094.
    Abstract PDF
    Privacy-Preserving Data Publication for Clustering
    Ni Weiwei, Chen Geng, Chong Zhihong, Wu Yingjie
    2012, 49(5): 1095-1104.
    Abstract PDF
    Frequent Patterns Mining over Uncertain Data Streams Based on Probability Decay Window Model
    Liao Guoqiong, Wu Lingqin, Wan Changxuan
    2012, 49(5): 1105-1115.
    Abstract PDF
    Piecewise Linear Approximation of Rational Triangular Surfaces
    Zhou Lian, Wang Guojin
    2012, 49(5): 1116-1122.
    Abstract PDF
    A Data-Clustering Based Robust SIFT Feature Matching Method
    Fan Zhiqiang and Zhao Qinping
    2012, 49(5): 1123-1129.
    Abstract PDF
    A Distributed Parallel Algorithm for SIFT Feature Extraction
    Jiang Guiyuan, Zhang Guiling, and Zhang Dakun
    2012, 49(5): 1130-1141.
    Abstract PDF
    Two Novel Directional Filter Banks with Diamond Structure for Fingerprint Enhancement
    Cai Xiumei, Fan Jiulun
    2012, 49(5): 1142-1148.
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