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    Advances in Spatiotemporal Data Mining
    Liu Dayou, Chen Huiling, Qi Hong, and Yang Bo
    2013, 50(2): 225-239.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multi-Motive Reinforcement Learning Framework
    Zhao Fengfei and Qin Zheng
    2013, 50(2): 240-247.
    Abstract PDF
    Theory and Algorithms of Attribute Decrement for Concept Lattice
    Zhang Lei, Zhang Hongli, Yin Lihua, Han Daojun
    2013, 50(2): 248-259.
    Abstract PDF
    Particle Swarm Optimization for Multiple Multicast Routing Problem
    Ma Xuan and Liu Qing
    2013, 50(2): 260-268.
    Abstract PDF
    Heuristic Discrimination Cotton Ripeness Using Hybrid Filter and Wrapper
    Wang Ling, Liu Shanjun, Chen Binglin, Ji Changying
    2013, 50(2): 269-277.
    Abstract PDF
    Survey of Security and Trust in Opportunistic Networks
    Wu Yue, Li Jianhua, Lin Chuang
    2013, 50(2): 278-290.
    Abstract PDF
    An Online Mobile Payment Model with Simplified Terminal Authentication
    Wang Hongxin, Yang Deli, Jiang Nan, Ma Hui
    2013, 50(2): 291-301.
    Abstract PDF
    ID Based Signature Scheme from Strong RSA Assumption in the Standard Model
    Wang Zhiwei and Zhang Wei
    2013, 50(2): 302-306.
    Abstract PDF
    Steganalysis of Color Images Based on Noise Model and Channels Integration
    Qi Ke, Xie Dongqing
    2013, 50(2): 307-318.
    Abstract PDF
    An Encryption Algorithm for Image Based on Affine and Composed Chaos
    Wen Changci, Wang Qin, Liu Xianghong, Huang Fumin, Yuan Zhishu
    2013, 50(2): 319-324.
    Abstract PDF
    Formal Verification of TCG Remote Attestation Protocols Based on Process Algebra
    Wang Yong, Fang Juan, Ren Xingtian, and Lin Li
    2013, 50(2): 325-331.
    Abstract PDF
    Call-Graph-Based Interclass MM Path Generation
    He Wei, Zhao Ruilian, and Zhu Qunxiong
    2013, 50(2): 332-343.
    Abstract PDF
    The Property Inference of Aspect-Oriented Program
    Ye Jun, Tan Qingping, Li Tun
    2013, 50(2): 344-351.
    Abstract PDF
    Formal Software Specification Generation Approach Based on Problem Patterns
    Wang Changjing, Luo Haimei, Zuo Zhengkang
    2013, 50(2): 352-360.
    Abstract PDF
    A Fitting Method of Paracatadioptric Line Images Based on Antipodal Image Points
    Duan Huixian
    2013, 50(2): 361-370.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Approach for Abstractive Video Visualization
    Peng Dichao, Liu Lin, Chen Guangyu, Chen Haidong, Zuo Wuheng, Chen Wei
    2013, 50(2): 371-378.
    Abstract PDF
    Action Recognition Based on Sine Series Fitting
    Zhao Xuan, Peng Qimin
    2013, 50(2): 379-386.
    Abstract PDF
    Expression Detail Synthesis Based on Wavelet-Based Image Fusion
    Wang Xiaohui, Jia Jia, and Cai Lianhong
    2013, 50(2): 387-393.
    Abstract PDF
    Construction of Symmetrical Filled-in Julia Sets on Spherical Surfaces
    Chen Ning and Lin Qiufang
    2013, 50(2): 394-400.
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    Parallel Acceleration and Performance Optimization for GRAPES Model Based on GPU
    Wang Zhuowei, Xu Xianbin, Zhao Wuqing, He Shuibing, Zhang Yuping
    2013, 50(2): 401-411.
    Abstract PDF
    Parallel Computing of Central Difference Explicit Finite Element Based on GPU General Computing Platform
    Cai Yong, Li Guangyao, and Wang Hu
    2013, 50(2): 412-419.
    Abstract PDF
    Duplication Based Energy-Efficient Scheduling for Dependent Tasks in Grid Environment
    Ma Yan, Gong Bin, Zou Lida
    2013, 50(2): 420-429.
    Abstract PDF
    Pornography Web Site Identification Based on User Behavior Analysis
    Cao Jianxun, Liu Yiqun, Cen Rongwei, Ma Shaoping, and Ru Liyun
    2013, 50(2): 430-436.
    Abstract PDF
    WSD Method Based on Heterogeneous Relation Graph
    Yang Zhizhuo and Huang Heyan
    2013, 50(2): 437-444.
    Abstract PDF
    Similarity Analysis of RNA Secondary Structure with Symbolic Dynamics
    Tian Fengchun, Wang Shiyuan, Wang Jia, Liu Xiao
    2013, 50(2): 445-452.
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