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    A Mobile Strategy for Mobile Full-Coverage Issue
    Zhang Le, Li Dong, Cui Li
    2013, 50(5): 901-911.
    Abstract PDF
    An Adaptive Soft Frequency Reuse Scheme for LTE Systems
    Qian Manli, Li Yonghui, Huang Yi, Zhou Yiqing, Shi Jinglin, Yang Xuezhi
    2013, 50(5): 912-920.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Evidential Trust Model Based on Graph Theory for Open Computing Systems
    Jiang Liming, Zhang Kun, Xu Jian, Zhang Hong
    2013, 50(5): 921-931.
    Abstract PDF
    Logic-Based Dynamical Security Policy Language and Verification
    Bao Yibao, Yin Lihua, Fang Binxing, Guo Li
    2013, 50(5): 932-941.
    Abstract PDF
    Steganalysis of LSB Matching Based on the Measurement of the Region Randomness
    Xiong Gang, Ping Xijian, Zhang Tao, Li Kan
    2013, 50(5): 942-950.
    Abstract PDF
    Hybrid Role Mining Methods with Minimal Perturbation
    Zhai Zhigang, Wang Jiandong, Cao Zining, Mao Yuguang
    2013, 50(5): 951-960.
    Abstract PDF
    An Adaptive Shared Filter Ordering Algorithm for Data Stream Systems
    Li Jun, Zhang Peng, Guo Li, Zhou Xiaofei
    2013, 50(5): 961-968.
    Abstract PDF
    Storage Model and Implementation of the Dynamic Ordered Tree
    Te Rigen, Li Wei, and Li Xiongfei
    2013, 50(5): 969-985.
    Abstract PDF
    Efficient Top-k Query Processing on Mutual Skyline
    Jiang Tao, Zhang Bin, Gao Yunjun, Yue Guangxue
    2013, 50(5): 986-997.
    Abstract PDF
    Fuzzy Associative Memories Based on Triangular Norms
    Zeng Shuiling, Xu Weihong, Yang Jingyu
    2013, 50(5): 998-1004.
    Abstract PDF
    On Cellular Homology Boundary Learning Algorithms
    Yang Jiwen, Li Zheshuo, He Shuping, Xian Min
    2013, 50(5): 1005-1011.
    Abstract PDF
    Approximate Degree Reduction Method by Blending of Multi-Triangular Bézier Surfaces with GC\+1 Constraint
    Wang Xianghai, Huang Junying, Li Ming
    2013, 50(5): 1012-1020.
    Abstract PDF
    Solving the Stereo Matching in Disparity Image Space Using the Hopfield Neural Network
    Xu Sheng, Ye Ning, Zhu Fa, Xu Shanshan, and Zhou Liuliu
    2013, 50(5): 1021-1029.
    Abstract PDF
    A Technique of Multiple Fault Localization Based on Conditioned Execution Slicing Spectrum
    Wen Wanzhi, Li Bixin, Sun Xiaobing, Qi Shanshan
    2013, 50(5): 1030-1043.
    Abstract PDF
    An Automatic Program Verifier for PointerC: Design and Implementation
    Zhang Zhitian, Li Zhaopeng, Chen Yiyun, and Liu Gang
    2013, 50(5): 1044-1054.
    Abstract PDF
    An Agent-Based Requirements Monitoring Framework for Internetware
    Fu Lingxiao, Peng Xin, and Zhao Wenyun
    2013, 50(5): 1055-1065.
    Abstract PDF
    A Personalized Web Service Quality Prediction Approach Based on Invoked Feature Model
    Zhang Li, Zhang Bin, Huang Liping, Zhu Zhiliang
    2013, 50(5): 1066-1075.
    Abstract PDF
    A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Double Neighbor Choosing Strategy
    Jia Dongyan and Zhang Fuzhi
    2013, 50(5): 1076-1084.
    Abstract PDF
    Error Detection by Redundant Transaction in Transactional Memory System
    Song Wei, Yang Xuejun
    2013, 50(5): 1085-1099.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approach for Monitoring Memory Address Traces with Functional Semantic Information
    Chen Licheng, Cui Zehan, Bao Yungang, Chen Mingyu, Shen Linfeng, Liang Qi
    2013, 50(5): 1100-1109.
    Abstract PDF
    Parallel Simulation of Many-Core Processor and Many-Core Clusters
    Lü Huiwei, Cheng Yuan, Bai Lu, Chen Mingyu, Fan Dongrui, Sun Ninghui
    2013, 50(5): 1110-1117.
    Abstract PDF
    TDDS:Task Deployment and Scheduling Based on Virtual Cluster System
    Feng Lin, Fu Yong, Chen Kang, Zheng Weimin
    2013, 50(5): 1118-1124.
    Abstract PDF