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    Survey of Data Mining for Microblogs
    Ding Zhaoyun, Jia Yan, Zhou Bin
    2014, 51(4): 691-706.
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    Fast Adaptive Clustering by Synchronization on Large Scale Datasets
    Ying Wenhao, Xu Min, Wang Shitong, Deng Zhaohong
    2014, 51(4): 707-720.
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    An Adaptive and Optimized Negotiation Model Based on Bayesian Learning
    Hou Wei, Dong Hongbin, Yin Guisheng
    2014, 51(4): 721-730.
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    Concept Drift Detection for Data Streams Based on Mixture Model
    Guo Gongde, Li Nan, and Chen Lifei
    2014, 51(4): 731-742.
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    A Minimum Attribute Self-Adaptive Cooperative Co-Evolutionary Reduction Algorithm Based on Quantum Elitist Frogs
    Ding Weiping, Wang Jiandong, Guan Zhijin
    2014, 51(4): 743-753.
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    Global Convergence and Premature Convergence of Two-Membered Evolution Strategy
    Zhang Yushan, Hao Zhifeng, Huang Han
    2014, 51(4): 754-761.
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    Road Segmentation Based on Vanishing Point and Principal Orientation Estimation
    Tian Zheng, Xu Cheng, Mi Chao, Li Renfa, Wang Xiaodong
    2014, 51(4): 762-772.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis Method of Thinking Data Based on fMRI
    Deng Hongxia, Xiang Jie, You Ya, Li Haifang
    2014, 51(4): 773-780.
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    Outliers and Change-Points Detection Algorithm for Time Series
    Su Weixing, Zhu Yunlong, Liu Fang, Hu Kunyuan
    2014, 51(4): 781-788.
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    Ensemble Approach for Detecting User Profile Attacks Based on Bionic Pattern Recognition
    Zhou Quanqiang and Zhang Fuzhi
    2014, 51(4): 789-801.
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    A Robust and High Accurate 3D Facial Motion Tracking Algorithm
    Yu Jun, Wang Zengfu
    2014, 51(4): 802-812.
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    Multi-View Cooperative Tracking of Multiple Mobile Object Based on Dynamic Occlusion Threshold
    Zhou Liangyi, Wang Zhi, Wang Yingguan
    2014, 51(4): 813-823.
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    Algorithm Design and Empirical Analysis for Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Test Data Generation
    Mao Chengying, Yu Xinxin, Xue Yunzhi
    2014, 51(4): 824-837.
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    Predicate Constraint Oriented BPEL Modeling and Feasible Path Analysis
    Wang Jin, Huang Zhiqiu, Tang Jiajun, Chen Zhe, Xiao Fangxiong
    2014, 51(4): 838-847.
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    Method for Modeling and Analyzing Software Energy Consumption of Embedded Real-Time System
    Zhu Yi, Xiao Fangxiong, Zhou Hang, Zhang Guangquan
    2014, 51(4): 848-855.
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    Research on Generation System from Radl Algorithm to Apla Program
    Xie Wuping and Xue Jinyun
    2014, 51(4): 856-864.
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    Test Case Selection for Improving the Effectiveness of Software Fault Localization
    Wang Kechao, Wang Tiantian, Su Xiaohong, Ma Peijun, Tong Zhixiang
    2014, 51(4): 865-873.
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    MujavaX: A Distribution-Aware Mutation Generation System for Java
    Sun Chang’ai, Wang Guan
    2014, 51(4): 874-881.
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    Study of Choosing the Optimal Storage Format of Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication
    Li Jiajia, Zhang Xiuxia, Tan Guangming, Chen Mingyu
    2014, 51(4): 882-894.
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    Entity Association Mining Algorithm CFRQ4A in Heterogeneous Information Spaces
    Yang Dan, Shen Derong, Nie Tiezheng, Yu Ge, Kou Yue
    2014, 51(4): 895-904.
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    Non-Cooperative Structured Deep Web Selection Based on Hybrid Type Keyword Retrieval
    Wan Changxuan, Deng Song, Liu Dexi, Jiang Tengjiao, and Liu Xiping
    2014, 51(4): 905-917.
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    top-k Aggregation Keyword Search over Relational Databases
    Zhang Dongzhan, Su Zhifeng, Lin Ziyu, and Xue Yongsheng
    2014, 51(4): 918-929.
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