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    Symbolic Dempster-Shafer Theory
    Mu Kedian and Lin Zuoquan
    2005, 42(11): 1833-1842.
    Abstract PDF
    A Description-Logic Based Agent Organization
    Zhang Xinliang and Shi Chunyi
    2005, 42(11): 1843-1848.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multistage-Based Framework for Multi-Agent Multi-Issue Negotiation
    Wang Liming, Huang Houkuan
    2005, 42(11): 1849-1855.
    Abstract PDF
    Modeling and Heuristic for Winner Determination in Combinatorial Auctions
    Bai Jiancong, Chang Huiyou, and Yi Yang
    2005, 42(11): 1856-1861.
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    Journal Text Categorization with the Combination of Local Linearity and One-Class
    Yao Liqun, Tao Qing
    2005, 42(11): 1862-1869.
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    A New Hand Shape Biometric Verification Method Based on Curve Fitting
    Guo Zhenbin and Qiu Zhengding
    2005, 42(11): 1870-1875.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Adaptive Lagrange Multiplier Selection Model in Hybrid Video Coder Control
    Zhou Shumin, Li Jintao, Huang Chao, Song Lei
    2005, 42(11): 1876-1881.
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    Low-Power and High-Speed VLSI Architecture Design of 2-D DWT/IDWT
    Lan Xuguang, Zheng Nanning, Xue Jianru, Wang Fei, and Liu Yuehu
    2005, 42(11): 1889-1895.
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    An Image Authentication Algorithm Based on Feature of Original Image and Hyperchaotic Iteration
    Wang Xingyuan and Shi Qijiang
    2005, 42(11): 1896-1902.
    Abstract PDF
    A Fast Image Retrieval Method Based on Weighted Chromaticity Histogram
    Xing Qiang, Yuan Baozong, and Tang Xiaofang
    2005, 42(11): 1903-1910.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Real-Time Doppler Centroid Estimating Algorithm
    Liu Bo, Wang Zhensong, Yao Ping, Li Mingfeng
    2005, 42(11): 1911-1917.
    Abstract PDF
    Founding Computationally Secure Quantum Cryptography Protocols Based on Bit Commitment
    Lü Xin, Feng Dengguo
    2005, 42(11): 1918-1923.
    Abstract PDF
    Security Notes on Two Cheat-Proof Secret Sharing Schemes
    Wang Guilin, Qing Sihan
    2005, 42(11): 1924-1927.
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    A New Network Troubleshooting Method—FTFD
    Li Qianmu, Xu Manwu, Yang Yun, Zhang Hong, Liu Fengyu
    2005, 42(11): 1928-1933.
    Abstract PDF
    An Autonomous Agent-Based Adaptive Distributed Intrusion Detection System
    Wang Jin, Li Dequan, and Feng Dengguo
    2005, 42(11): 1934-1939.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on the Security of Initial Sequence Number Generation Arithmetic
    Lü Yanli, Li Xiaojian, Xia Chunhe, and Liu Shuzhi
    2005, 42(11): 1940-1945.
    Abstract PDF
    A Workflow Authorization Model Based on Role and Task and Constraints Specification
    Xing Guanglin and Hong Fan
    2005, 42(11): 1946-1953.
    Abstract PDF
    Error Protection Algorithms for Scalable Multimedia Transmission: A Survey
    Huo Longshe, Gao Wen, Huang Qingming, Xie Jianguo
    2005, 42(11): 1954-1961.
    Abstract PDF
    A Resource Reservation Scheme for PCF Handoff Station in WLAN
    Yang Renzhong, Hou Zifeng, Li Jingxia
    2005, 42(11): 1962-1968.
    Abstract PDF
    A Resource Optimizing Scheduling Algorithm of Differentiated Service of Double Minimum Balance in Web Clusters
    Liu Anfeng, Chen Zhigang, Long Guoping, and Zeng Zhiwen
    2005, 42(11): 1969-1976.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm for Checking Absolute Consistency of DTDs
    Lu Yan, Hao Zhongxiao, Zhang Liang
    2005, 42(11): 1977-1982.
    Abstract PDF
    Numbering Scheme Based Relational Storage of XML Documents
    Lu Yan, Hao Zhongxiao, Zhang Liang
    2005, 42(11): 1983-1988.
    Abstract PDF
    A Hierarchical Clustering Method on Semantic Cube
    Yang Kehua, Dong Yisheng, Hu Kongfa
    2005, 42(11): 1989-1996.
    Abstract PDF
    DifX: A Dynamic Index Structure for Querying XML Data Efficiently
    Qu Weimin, Zhang Junlin, Sun Le, Sun Yufang
    2005, 42(11): 1997-2003.
    Abstract PDF
    Updates Dissemination in Mobile Real-Time Database Systems
    Li Guohui, Wang Hongya, Liu Yunsheng
    2005, 42(11): 2004-2009.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Method for Multi-Table Joining in Data Warehouse
    Wen Juan, Xue Yongsheng, Weng Wei, Lin Ziyu
    2005, 42(11): 2010-2017.
    Abstract PDF
    Modeling and Checking the Behavior of Software Architecture
    He Jian, Qin Zheng
    2005, 42(11): 2018-2024.
    Abstract PDF
    Schedulability Test Performance Analysis of Rate Monotonic Algorithm and Its Extended Ones
    Xing Jiansheng, Liu Junxiang, Wang Yongji
    2005, 42(11): 2025-2032.
    Abstract PDF