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    3D Human Motion Simulation and a Video Analysis System for Sports Training
    Wang Zhaoqi, Zhang Yongdong, and Xia Shihong
    2005, 42(2)
    Abstract PDF
    An MDP Public-Key Digital Signature Scheme
    Zheng Ji
    2005, 42(2)
    Abstract PDF
    Structure Optimization of Radial Basis Probabilistic Neural Networks by the Maximum Absolute Error Combined with the Micro-Genetic Algorithm
    Zhao Wenbo, Wang Liming, Huang Deshuang
    2005, 42(2): 179-187.
    Abstract PDF
    Self-Organizing Isometric Embedding
    Hou Yuexian, Ding Zheng, and He Pilian
    2005, 42(2): 188-195.
    Abstract PDF
    Support Vector Machines Based on Posteriori Probability
    Wu Gaowei, Tao Qing, Wang Jue
    2005, 42(2): 196-202.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Method Based on Role Tracking
    Zhang Shuangmin and Shi Chunyi
    2005, 42(2): 203-209.
    Abstract PDF
    An Enhanced Approach for Mining Local Outlier
    Jiang Shengyi, Li Qinghua, Wang Hui, Meng Zhonglou
    2005, 42(2): 210-216.
    Abstract PDF
    SFP-Max—A Sorted FP-Tree Based Algorithm for Maximal Frequent Patterns Mining
    Qin Liangxi, Shi Zhongzhi
    2005, 42(2): 217-223.
    Abstract PDF
    Knowledge Increase Ability of Artificial Neural Network
    Huang Hua, Luo Siwei, Liu Yunhui, and Li Aijun
    2005, 42(2): 224-229.
    Abstract PDF
    Mining Frequent Patterns Based on Graph Theory
    Wang Wei, Zhou Haofeng, Yuan Qingqing, Lou Yubo, and Sui Baile
    2005, 42(2): 230-235.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Visibility for Large-Scale and Complex Scenes
    Pu Jiantao and Zha Hongbin
    2005, 42(2): 236-246.
    Abstract PDF
    Remote Sensing Image Processing Using Wavelet Fractal Interpolation
    Zhang Can, Tu Guofang, Liu Xiaozhou
    2005, 42(2): 247-251.
    Abstract PDF
    Anycast Routing Algorithm with Special Composite Distance
    Zhang Li, Jia Weijia, Yan Wei, Li Xiaoming
    2005, 42(2): 252-258.
    Abstract PDF
    Performance Analysis of a Double-Layered Satellite Network
    Wu Fengge, Sun Fuchun, Sun Zengqi, Yu Ke, Li Lei
    2005, 42(2): 259-265.
    Abstract PDF
    Clustered-Loss Retransmission Protocol over Wireless TCP
    Sun Fanglei and Zeng Ping
    2005, 42(2): 266-272.
    Abstract PDF
    ANLMCC—An Active Network-Based Layered Multicast Congestion Control Scheme
    Ye Xiaoguo, Jiang Aiquan, and Wu Jiagao
    2005, 42(2): 273-279.
    Abstract PDF
    Achievements and Prospects of Smoothed Analysis of Algorithms
    Yang Zhiying, Zhu Hong, Lei Xiangxin
    2005, 42(2): 286-293.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Chinese Postman Problem Decision Process Algorithm
    Fei Rong and Cui Duwu
    2005, 42(2): 294-299.
    Abstract PDF
    An Execution Semantics of UML Activity View for Workflow Modeling
    Zhao Zhikun, Sheng Qiujian, Shi Zhongzhi
    2005, 42(2): 300-307.
    Abstract PDF
    QC Model Based Materialized View Selection in Web Data Integration
    Gao Jun, Tang Shiwei, Yang Dongqing, and Wang Tengjiao
    2005, 42(2): 308-314.
    Abstract PDF
    A Dynamic Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm with Software Fault-Tolerance
    Han Jianjun, Li Qinghua, Abbas A.Essa
    2005, 42(2): 315-321.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on an Application Class Communication Security Model on Operating System Security Framework
    Zheng Zhirong, Cai Yi, and Shen Changxiang
    2005, 42(2): 322-328.
    Abstract PDF
    Two Condition Code Optimization Approaches in Binary Translation
    Ma Xiangning, Wu Chenggang, Tang Feng, Feng Xiaobing, and Zhang Zhaoqing
    2005, 42(2): 329-337.
    Abstract PDF
    The Distributed Lock Scheme in SAN
    Yao Nianmin, Shu Jiwu, and Zheng Weimin
    2005, 42(2): 338-343.
    Abstract PDF