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    A Review of Web Intelligence Research
    Wang Bennian, Gao Yang, Chen Shifu, Xie Junyuan
    2005, 42(5): 721-727.
    Abstract PDF
    Survey on Gait Control Strategies for Biped Robot
    Hu Lingyun and Sun Zengqi
    2005, 42(5): 728-733.
    Abstract PDF
    Searching for Agent Coalition for Single Task Using Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
    Xia Na, Jiang Jianguo, Wei Xing, and Zhang Ling
    2005, 42(5): 734-739.
    Abstract PDF
    An Immune Genetic Algorithm Based on Vaccine Autonomous Obtaining and Updating
    Han Xuedong, Hong Bingrong, and Meng Wei
    2005, 42(5): 740-745.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Enforcement of the Strict Integrity Policy in Biba's Model
    Zhang Xiangfeng and Sun Yufang
    2005, 42(5): 746-754.
    Abstract PDF
    Constraint-Based Normalization Algorithms for XML Documents
    Zhang Zhongping, Wang Chao, Zhu Yangyong
    2005, 42(5): 755-764.
    Abstract PDF
    Associated Navigation on the Web According to Users' Activities
    Yang Jie, Wu Guoqing
    2005, 42(5): 765-770.
    Abstract PDF
    Incremental Maintenance of Continuous Query Evaluator over XML Data Stream
    Gao Jun, Yang Dongqing, Wang Tengjiao, and Tang Shiwei
    2005, 42(5): 771-776.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm and Its Updating Algorithm Based on Frequent Pattern Tree for Mining Constrained Maximum Frequent Itemsets
    Song Yuqing, Zhu Yuquan, Sun Zhihui, Yang Hebiao
    2005, 42(5): 777-783.
    Abstract PDF
    k-LDCHD—A Local Density Based k-Neighborhood Clustering Algorithm for High Dime nsional Space
    Ni Weiwei, Sun Zhihui, and Lu Jieping
    2005, 42(5): 784-791.
    Abstract PDF
    Functional Dependencies and Inference Rules for XML
    Lü Teng, Yan Ping
    2005, 42(5): 792-796.
    Abstract PDF
    A Grid & P2P Trust Model Based on Recommendation Evidence Reasoning
    Zhu Junmao, Yang Shoubao, Fan Jianping, Chen Mingyu
    2005, 42(5): 797-803.
    Abstract PDF
    A Domain of Interest Based Novel Search Scheme in P2P Networks
    Yang Jian, Lü Zhihui, Zhong Yiping, and Zhang Shiyong
    2005, 42(5): 804-809.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Queuing and Switching Scheme for Multicast in High-Speed Routers
    Song Meina, Song Junde, and Zhan Xiaosu
    2005, 42(5): 810-817.
    Abstract PDF
    A δ-Degree-Based Clustering Algorithm in MANET
    Zhao Chunxiao, Wang Guangxing
    2005, 42(5): 818-822.
    Abstract PDF
    IP Multicast in DiffServ Network: Problems and Solutions
    Gao Qian and Luo Junzhou
    2005, 42(5): 823-829.
    Abstract PDF
    A MA Model with Application Components Being Dynamically Scalable
    Yang Juan, Qiu Yuhui, Li Jianguo, Zheng Qiang
    2005, 42(5): 830-834.
    Abstract PDF
    PIWA-LOC—A Parallel Resampling Algorithm for Large Images on Cluster Systems
    Jiang Yanhuang, Yang Xuejun, and Yi Huizhan
    2005, 42(5): 835-843.
    Abstract PDF
    Combined Multiple Classifiers Based on a Stacking Algorithm and Their Application to Chinese Text Chunking
    Li Heng, Zhu Jingbo, and Yao Tianshun
    2005, 42(5): 844-848.
    Abstract PDF
    A BinaryEncoding Differential Evolution Algorithm for Agent Coalition
    Wu Zhifeng, Huang Houkuan, Zhao Xiang
    2005, 42(5): 848-852.
    Abstract PDF
    A BinaryEncoding Differential Evolution Algorithm for Agent Coalition
    Wu Zhifeng, Huang Houkuan, Zhao Xiang
    2005, 42(5): 848-852.
    Abstract PDF
    A Time Performance Evaluation Method for Workflow Based on Extended Timed Petri Net
    Jiang Hao and Dong Yisheng
    2005, 42(5): 849-855.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Collaborative Interaction Based on Gesture and Sketch in Conceptual Design
    Ma Cuixia, Wang Hongan, Dai Guozhong, and Chen Youdi
    2005, 42(5): 856-861.
    Abstract PDF
    A Spoken Language Understanding Approach Based on TwoStage Classification
    Wu Weilin, Lu Ruzhan, Duan Jianyong, Liu Hui, Gao Feng, and Chen Yuquan
    2005, 42(5): 861-868.
    Abstract PDF
    Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Based on FCM
    Jiang Xiaoyue, Zhao Rongchun, Jiang Zetao
    2005, 42(5): 862-867.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and Implementation of an Extended Administrative Role-Based Access Control Model
    Long Qin, Liu Peng, Pan Aimin
    2005, 42(5): 868-876.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Secret Sharing Scheme Realizing Graph-Based Adversary Structures
    Guo Yuanbo, Ma Jianfeng, Wang Yadi
    2005, 42(5): 877-882.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Segmenting and Volume Rendering of Irregular Seismic Events
    Ma Renan, Zhang Erhua, Yang Jinyu, and Zhao Chunxia
    2005, 42(5): 883-887.
    Abstract PDF
    A Survey of Virtual Human Skin Deformation
    Li Yan, Wang Zhaoqi, Mao Tianlu
    2005, 42(5): 888-896.
    Abstract PDF
    Two Improvement Strategies for Particle Swarm Optimization
    Dou Quansheng, Zhou Chunguang, and Ma Ming
    2005, 42(5): 897-904.
    Abstract PDF