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    A New Object Oriented Probabilistic Graphic Model
    Wang Ronggui, Gao Jun, Zhang Yousheng, and Peng Qingsong
    2005, 42(8): 1283-1292.
    Abstract PDF
    Believability based Iterated Belief Revision
    Yang Pei, Gao Yang, Chen Zhaoqian
    2005, 42(8): 1293-1298.
    Abstract PDF
    A Sentient Particle Swarm Optimization
    Chen Hongzhou, Gu Guochang, and Kang Wangxing
    2005, 42(8): 1299-1305.
    Abstract PDF
    A Principal Curve-Based Outlier Detection Model and Its Application in Stock Market
    Qi Hongwei, Zhang Junping, Wang Jue
    2005, 42(8): 1306-1312.
    Abstract PDF
    Decision Tree Based Neural Network Design
    Li Aijun, Luo Siwei, Huang Hua, Liu Yunhui
    2005, 42(8): 1312-1317.
    Abstract PDF
    Stability Analysis of Multiobjective Decision Functions Based on GP 【removal】
    Wang Sichun, Zhang Taishan, Yin Zhiyun, Zhang Chuwen
    2005, 42(8): 1318-1323.
    Abstract PDF
    A Virtual-Real Comparision Method Used for Sport Simulation and Analysis
    Qiu Xianjie, Wang Zhaoqi, Xia Shihong, Wu Yongdong
    2005, 42(8): 1324-1330.
    Abstract PDF
    Overview of the Applications of Curvelet Transform in Image Processing
    Long Gang, Xiao Lei, and Chen Xuequan
    2005, 42(8): 1331-1337.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis and Extraction of Structural Features of Off-Line Handwritten Digits Based on Principal Curves
    Zhang Hongyun, Miao Duoqian, and Zhang Dongxing
    2005, 42(8): 1344-1349.
    Abstract PDF
    Progressive Geometry Compression for Interactive Browsing
    Liu Bo and Zhang Hongbin
    2005, 42(8): 1345-1349.
    Abstract PDF
    A Scheduling Algorithm for Long Duration Transaction Based on Strong Orderability Criterion
    Wang Jinling, Jin Beihong, and Li Jing
    2005, 42(8): 1355-1361.
    Abstract PDF
    An Improved Dimension Hierarchy Aggregate Cube Storage Structure for Data Warehouses
    Liang Zuopeng, Hu Kongfa, Dong Yisheng, Chen Ling
    2005, 42(8): 1362-1368.
    Abstract PDF
    A Service-Oriented Workflow Access Control Model
    Xu Wei, Wei Jun, Li Jing
    2005, 42(8): 1369-1375.
    Abstract PDF
    A Formal Framework for Agent-Oriented Analysis and Design Based on Grid
    Liu Wei and Liu Zongtian
    2005, 42(8): 1376-1383.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Caching Techniques of Media Suffix in Streaming Content Delivery
    Cai Qingsong, Li Zimu, Qin Shaohua, Hu Jianping
    2005, 42(8): 1384-1390.
    Abstract PDF
    Decreasing Failures Correlation in Peer-to-Peer Systems
    Zhang Dawei, Han Hua, and Dai Yafei
    2005, 42(8): 1391-1396.
    Abstract PDF
    A Task Allocation and Performance Analysis Based on Finished Time
    Qu Shaogang, Yang Guangwen, Lin Chuang, and Shi Shuming
    2005, 42(8): 1397-1402.
    Abstract PDF
    A QoS-Aware Multicast Routing Protocol Based on Centralized and Distributed Algorithms
    Huang Dongjun, Chen Songqiao, and Wang Jianxin
    2005, 42(8): 1403-1408.
    Abstract PDF
    RSDictionary—A Global Namespace for Distributed Computing Environment
    Zhang Wusheng, Yang Guangwen, Shen Meiming, and Zheng Weimin
    2005, 42(8): 1409-1414.
    Abstract PDF
    An Entropy-Based Method to Measure the Regularity of Normal Behaviors in Anomaly Detection
    Pan Feng, Jiang Junjie, and Wang Weinong
    2005, 42(8): 1415-1421.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and Protection of the Digital Evidence Collecting System
    Sun Bo and Sun Yufang
    2005, 42(8): 1422-1426.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Chameleon Threshold Signature Based on Bilinear Pairing
    Ma Chunbo, He Dake
    2005, 42(8): 1427-1430.
    Abstract PDF
    DNA Computation for a Category of Special Integer Planning Problem
    Wang Lei, Lin Yaping, and Li Zhiyong
    2005, 42(8): 1431-1437.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm of B\++ Tree Management in P2P Environment
    Ju Dapeng, Li Ming, Hu Jinfeng, Wang Dongsheng, Zheng Weimin, and Ma Yongquan
    2005, 42(8): 1438-1444.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis and Research of a Window-Constrained Real-Time System with Constraints
    Zhu Xiangbin and Tu Shiliang
    2005, 42(8): 1445-1451.
    Abstract PDF
    Track Replica—The Strategy for Disk Seeking Optimization in Retrieving Multimedia Data
    Liu Jun, Yang Xuejun, Tang Yuhua, and Wang Junwei
    2005, 42(8): 1452-1459.
    Abstract PDF