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    A Text Classification Method Based on Term Frequency Classifier Ensemble
    Jiang Yuan and Zhou Zhihua
    2006, 43(10): 1681-1687.
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    Research on the Algorithm of Feature Selection Based on Gini Index for Text Categorization
    Shang Wenqian, Huang Houkuan, Liu Yuling, Lin Yongmin, Qu Youli, and Dong Hongbin
    2006, 43(10): 1688-1694.
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    A Fuzzy Clustering Technology Based on Hierarchical Neural Networks for Web Document
    Lei Jingsheng, Ma Jun, Jin Ting
    2006, 43(10): 1695-1699.
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    Proximal Support Vector Machine Based on Prototypal Multiclassfication Hyperplanes
    Yang Xubing and Chen Songcan
    2006, 43(10): 1700-1705.
    Abstract PDF
    An Example Selection Method for Active Learning Based on Embedded Bootstrap Algorithm
    Tian Chunna, Gao Xinbo, and Li Jie
    2006, 43(10): 1706-1712.
    Abstract PDF
    SEFNN—A Feed-Forward Neural Network Design Algorithm Based on Structure Evolution
    Li Ning, Xie Zhenhua, Xie Junyuan, and Chen Shifu
    2006, 43(10): 1713-1718.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on a Covering Rough Fuzzy Set Model
    Wei Lai, Miao Duoqian, Xu Feifei, and Xia Fuchun
    2006, 43(10): 1719-1723.
    Abstract PDF
    A Study of Constrained Layout Optimization Using Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimizer
    Lei Kaiyou and Qiu Yuhui
    2006, 43(10): 1724-1731.
    Abstract PDF
    The Tight Estimation Distance Using Wavelet
    Liu Bing, Wang Wei, and Shi Baile
    2006, 43(10): 1732-1737.
    Abstract PDF
    Mining Frequent Closed Patterns from a Sliding Window over Data Streams
    Liu Xuejun, Xu Hongbing, Dong Yisheng, Qian Jiangbo, Wang Yongli
    2006, 43(10): 1738-1743.
    Abstract PDF
    Online Correlation Analysis for Multiple Dimensions Data Streams
    Yang Xuemei, Dong Yisheng, Xu Hongbing, Liu Xuejun, Qian Jiangbo, Wang Yongli
    2006, 43(10): 1744-1750.
    Abstract PDF
    An Event Composite Matching Approach Based on the OBDD Graphs
    Xu Gang, Ma Jiangang, and Huang Tao
    2006, 43(10): 1751-1759.
    Abstract PDF
    Detecting Out-of-Bounds Accesses with Conditional Range Constraint
    Xia Yimin, Luo Jun, and Zhang Minxuan
    2006, 43(10): 1760-1766.
    Abstract PDF
    Strategies of Regression Test Case Selection for Component-Based Software
    Mao Chengying, Lu Yansheng
    2006, 43(10): 1767-1774.
    Abstract PDF
    A Hierarchical Group Communication Protocol for Scalable Total Ordering
    Wang Wentao, Wu Junmin, Xu Yinlong, Li Huanghai, and Bao Chunjian
    2006, 43(10): 1775-1781.
    Abstract PDF
    Agent-Oriented Software Engineering: Status and Challenges
    Mao Xinjun, Chang Zhiming, Wang Ji, and Wang Huaimin
    2006, 43(10): 1782-1789.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm for Internet AS Graph Betweenness Centrality Based on Backtrack
    Zhang Guoqiang, Zhang Guoqing
    2006, 43(10): 1790-1796.
    Abstract PDF
    A Sub-Tuple-Partition-Based Fast Two-Dimensional Packet Classification Algorithm
    Liu Tong, Li Huawei, Li Xiaowei, Gong Shuguang
    2006, 43(10): 1797-1803.
    Abstract PDF
    PKI-Based Mutual Connections Constrained with Discrepancy of Trust Domains
    Zhu Pengfei, Dai Yingxia, and Bao Xuhua
    2006, 43(10): 1804-1809.
    Abstract PDF
    A Survey of Identity-Based Cryptography Using Pairing
    Tian Ye, Zhang Yujun, Li Zhongcheng
    2006, 43(10): 1810-1819.
    Abstract PDF
    Fault Injection and Soft Error Sensitivity Characterization for Fault-Tolerant Godson-1 Processor
    Huang Hailin, Tang Zhimin, Xu Tong
    2006, 43(10): 1820-1827.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Modeling MIPS Processors for Static WCET Analysis
    Bian Xiaofeng, Zhou Xuehai
    2006, 43(10): 1828-1834.
    Abstract PDF
    Formal Verification of Godson-2 Microprocessor Floating-Point Division Unit
    Chen Yunji, Ma Lin, Shen Haihua, and Hu Weiwu
    2006, 43(10): 1835-1841.
    Abstract PDF
    A Persistent Out-of-Band Virtualization System
    Zhang Guangyan, Shu Jiwu, Xue Wei, and Zheng Weimin
    2006, 43(10): 1842-1848.
    Abstract PDF
    Fault Tolerance with Virtual Disk Replicas in the Mass Storage Network
    Wang Di, Xue Wei, Shu Jiwu, and Shen Meiming
    2006, 43(10): 1849-1854.
    Abstract PDF