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    An Ascending Bid Multi-Attribute Auction Method
    Jin Xing, Shi Chunyi
    2006, 43(7): 1135-1141.
    Abstract PDF
    A Winner Determine Algorithm for Combinatorial Auctions with Decreasing Marginal Utilities
    Jin Xing, Shi Chunyi
    2006, 43(7): 1142-1148.
    Abstract PDF
    Persuasive Multi-Agent Multi-Issue Negotiation
    Yang Pei, Gao Yang, Chen Zhaoqian
    2006, 43(7): 1149-1154.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multi-Agent Negotiation Model Based on Acquaintance Coalition and Extended Contract Net Protocol
    Tao Haijun, Wang Yadong, Guo Maozu, and Wang Hanlun
    2006, 43(7): 1155-1160.
    Abstract PDF
    Study of a Neural Network Ensemble Algorithm for Small Data Sets
    Li Kai, Huang Houkuan
    2006, 43(7): 1161-1166.
    Abstract PDF
    A Non-Lineal Time-Varying System Simulation Modeling Method Based on Neural Networks
    Wang Xuefei
    2006, 43(7): 1167-1172.
    Abstract PDF
    Manifold Learning Algorithms Based on Spectral Graph Theory
    Luo Siwei and Zhao Lianwei
    2006, 43(7): 1173-1179.
    Abstract PDF
    A Reverse Triple I Algorithm for Fuzzy Reasoning Based on Maximum Fuzzy Entropy Principle
    Hou Jian, Peng Jiayin, Zhang Yuzhuo, Zhang Chengyi
    2006, 43(7): 1180-1185.
    Abstract PDF
    Iris Recognition Based on Wavelet Transform with Shift Invariance Preprocessing
    Ming Xing, Liu Yuanning, Zhu Xiaodong, Xu Tao
    2006, 43(7): 1186-1193.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptive Skin Detection in JPEG Compressed Images
    Zheng Qingfang, Gao Wen
    2006, 43(7): 1194-1200.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Feature Extraction Method Based on Fisher Discriminant Minimal Criterion
    Zheng Yujie, Yang Jingyu, Xu Yong, and Yu Dongjun
    2006, 43(7): 1201-1206.
    Abstract PDF
    Playfield Detection Using Adaptive GMM and Its Application in Sports Video Analysis
    Liu Yang, Huang Qingming, Gao Wen, Ye Qixiang
    2006, 43(7): 1207-1215.
    Abstract PDF
    Constructing Convexity-Preserving Interpolation Curves of Hyperbolic Polynomial B-Splines Using a Shape Parameter
    Chen Jun and Wang Guojin
    2006, 43(7): 1216-1224.
    Abstract PDF
    A Dual Round-Robin Algorithm for Combined Input-Crosspoint-Queued Switches
    Zheng Yanfeng, Sun Shutao, He Simin, Gao Wen
    2006, 43(7): 1225-1232.
    Abstract PDF
    EDCP—A Duplication Checking Process Used in Duplication Based Resource Allocation Policies
    Yang Juan, Bai Yun, Qiu Yuhui
    2006, 43(7): 1233-1239.
    Abstract PDF
    A Joint-Entropy-Based Anonymity Metrics Model with Multi-Property
    Wu Zhenqiang, Ma Jianfeng
    2006, 43(7): 1240-1245.
    Abstract PDF
    New Braid Intractable Problems and Cryptographical Applications
    Tang Xueming, Hong Fan, and Cui Guohua
    2006, 43(7): 1246-1251.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Approach to Intrusion Detection Based on Boosting Rule Learning
    Yang Wu, Yun Xiaochun, Li Jianhua
    2006, 43(7): 1252-1259.
    Abstract PDF
    A Security Protocols' Analytic Approach of Reconciling Two Views
    Zhao Huawei and Li Daxing
    2006, 43(7): 1260-1266.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Membership Problem with Respect to Temporal Functional Dependencies and Temporal Multivalued Dependencies
    Hao Zhongxiao, Li Yanjuan
    2006, 43(7): 1267-1272.
    Abstract PDF
    A Framework for Supporting Extended Transaction Models in J2EE Platform
    Zhang Xin, Ding Xiaoning, Jin Beihong, Li Jing
    2006, 43(7): 1273-1279.
    Abstract PDF
    A Serializable Concurrency Control Protocol in Wireless Broadcast Enviroments
    Dang Depeng, Zhou Lizhu
    2006, 43(7): 1280-1284.
    Abstract PDF
    Interval\++—An Index Structure on Compressed XML Data Based on Interval Tree
    Bao Xiaoyuan, Tang Shiwei, Yang Dongqing
    2006, 43(7): 1285-1290.
    Abstract PDF
    A Partition Fuzzy Checkpointing Strategy for Real-Time Main Memory Databases
    Liao Guoqiong, Liu Yunsheng, Xiao Yingyuan
    2006, 43(7): 1291-1296.
    Abstract PDF
    Problems in Results of Policy Conflict Resolutions and Detection and Resolution Methods in Network Management Systems
    Li Xiangjun, Meng Luoming, and Jiao Li
    2006, 43(7): 1297-1303.
    Abstract PDF
    Denotational Semantics Transform from Continuation to Direct
    Lü Jianghua, Ma Shilong, Pan Jing, Jin Chengzhi
    2006, 43(7): 1304-1308.
    Abstract PDF