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    A Time Self-Decay Trust Management Algorithm for P2P Computing Security
    Shi Zhiguo, He Yeping, Zhang Hong
    2007, 44(1): 1-10.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Privacy Preservation Mechanism for Credentials and Policies in Grid Computing Environment
    Qiang Weizhong, Zou Deqing, and Jin Hai
    2007, 44(1): 11-19.
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    Flexible Resource Capacity Reservation Mechanism for Service Grid Using Slack Time
    Hu Chunming, Huai Jinpeng, and Wo Tianyu
    2007, 44(1): 20-28.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on a Grid Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on MAS Non-Cooperative Bidding Game
    Jiang Weijin, Wang Pu
    2007, 44(1): 29-36.
    Abstract PDF
    An Effective Approach to Automatic Semantic Annotation for Service Resources
    Yang Yanping and Tan Qingping
    2007, 44(1): 37-43.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and Application of Multi-Objective Aircraft Optimization System Based on Grid
    Chang Yan, Liu Xu, Cheng Wenyuan, Xie Xianghui, Cui Degang
    2007, 44(1): 44-60.
    Abstract PDF
    Hierarchical Access Authentication Method in Mobile IPv6 Networks
    Zhang Hanwen, Zhang Yujun, Tian Ye, Xiao Wenshu, Li Zhongcheng
    2007, 44(1): 51-57.
    Abstract PDF
    Self-Similarity Parameter Estimation and Scaling Properties Analyses of Aggregated Wireless Traffic
    Yu Qin and Mao Yuming
    2007, 44(1): 58-64.
    Abstract PDF
    Enforcing Admission Control Using Admission-Time-Ratio and PI Controller
    Jiang Ying, Meng Dan
    2007, 44(1): 65-70.
    Abstract PDF
    A Cluster-Based Two Level TDMA Scheduling Protocol for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Network
    Gong Haigang, Liu Ming, Wang Xiaomin
    2007, 44(1): 71-77.
    Abstract PDF
    P2P-VCG: A Game Theory Proposal for Bandwidth Allocation
    Huang Guanyao, Hong Peilin, and Li Jinsheng
    2007, 44(1): 78-84.
    Abstract PDF
    End-to-End Available Bandwidth Measurement Based on Queueing Analysis
    Huang Guowei, Wu Gongyi, and Xu Jingdong
    2007, 44(1): 85-91.
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-Step Prediction of VBR Video Traffic Based on Mutifractal Analysis
    Wang Shenghui and Qiu Zhengding
    2007, 44(1): 92-98.
    Abstract PDF
    A Fuzzy Classification of Web Pages Based on the Transposition-Learning Rule
    Zhang Maoyuan, Zou Chunyan, Lu Zhengding
    2007, 44(1): 99-104.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Join Algorithm for Data on Tertiary Storage
    Liu Baoliang, Li Jianzhong, and Gao Hong
    2007, 44(1): 105-110.
    Abstract PDF
    An Index for Supporting XML Structural Join Efficiently and Effectively—CATI
    Yu Yaxin, Wang Guoren, Zhang Haining, and Li Jianxin
    2007, 44(1): 111-118.
    Abstract PDF
    DETECTOR: A Universal On-Line Keyword Search System over Relational Database
    Cai Hongyan, Yao Jiali, and Wang Shan
    2007, 44(1): 119-125.
    Abstract PDF
    Sequence Pattern Mining Without Duplicate Project Database Scan
    Zhang Kun and Zhu Yangyong
    2007, 44(1): 126-132.
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-Template ASM and Its Application in Facial Feature Points Detection
    Li Ying, Lai Jianhuang, Yuen Pongchi
    2007, 44(1): 133-140.
    Abstract PDF
    Salient Building Detection Based on SVM
    Qu Yanyun, Zheng Nanning, Li Cuihua, Yuan Zejian, Ye Congying
    2007, 44(1): 141-147.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Degree of Fitting Implicit Polynomial Curves and Surfaces
    Wu Gang
    2007, 44(1): 148-153.
    Abstract PDF
    Processor Fault-Tolerance Technology Research and Prospect
    Fu Zhongchuan, Chen Hongsong, Cui Gang, and Yang Xiaozong
    2007, 44(1): 154-160.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Binary Translation and Optimization
    Li Jianhui, Ma Xiangning, Zhu Chuanqi
    2007, 44(1): 161-168.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptive Stack Cache with Fast Address Generation
    Dandan, Li Zusong, Wang Jian, Zhang Longbing, Hu Weiwu, Liu Zhiyong
    2007, 44(1): 169-176.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multi-Objective Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on Max-Min Distance Density
    Zhang Libiao, Zhou Chunguang, Ma Ming, and Sun Caitang
    2007, 44(1): 177-184.
    Abstract PDF
    Independent Component Analysis Based on Sliding Window
    Wu Xiaopei, Ye Zhongfu, Guo Xiaojing, Zhang Daoxin, Hu Renjun
    2007, 44(1): 185-191.
    Abstract PDF