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    Contagion Worm Propagation Simulation and Analysis
    Wang Yuewu, Jing Jiwu, Xiang Ji, and Liu Qi
    2008, 45(2): 207-216.
    Abstract PDF
    A Connectible-Cell Based Topology Control Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Jin Xin, Xiong Yan, Li Min, and Yue Lihua
    2008, 45(2): 217-226.
    Abstract PDF
    Identification of BitTorrent Traffic for High Speed Network Using Packet Sampling and Application Signatures
    Guo Zhenbin and Qiu Zhengding
    2008, 45(2): 227-236.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm for Detecting Filters Conflicts Based on the Intersection of Bit Vectors
    Li Lin and Lu Xianliang
    2008, 45(2): 237-245.
    Abstract PDF
    Cost Optimization Heuristics for Grid Workflows Scheduling Based on Serial Reduction
    Yuan Yingchun, Li Xiaoping, Wang Qian
    2008, 45(2): 246-253.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Framework for Miscellaneous Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Xu Jianbo, Li Renfa
    2008, 45(2): 254-260.
    Abstract PDF
    A Dynamic Knowledge-Based Task Scheduling Algorithm in Simulation Grid Environment
    Wu Lei and Du Zhihui
    2008, 45(2): 261-268.
    Abstract PDF
    DPVoD: P2P Based Video-on-Demand Architecture
    Wu Ai, Liu Xinsong, Fu Qingyun, and Liu Kejian
    2008, 45(2): 269-277.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on an Algorithm for Approximate Quantile Computation over Data Streams
    Yang Bei, Huang Houkuan
    2008, 45(2): 287-292.
    Abstract PDF
    Using Pattern and Linguistic Features to Improve Reading Comprehension Performance
    Du Yongping, Huang Xuanjing, Wu Lide
    2008, 45(2): 293-299.
    Abstract PDF
    Mapping Between Relational Database Schemas and Ontologies: The State of the Art
    Qu Yuzhong, Hu Wei, Zheng Dongdong, and Zhong Xinyu
    2008, 45(2): 300-309.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approximate k-Closest Pair Query Algorithm Based on Z Curve
    Xu Hongbo, Hao Zhongxiao
    2008, 45(2): 310-317.
    Abstract PDF
    Property Sequence Chart: Formal Syntax and Semantic
    Zhang Pengcheng, Zhou Yu, Li Bixin, and Xu Baowen
    2008, 45(2): 318-328.
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    Research on Unified Object Model Supporting HLA-Based Simulation and Parallel Rendering
    Wang Zonghui, Xiong Hua, Jiang Xiaohong, and Shi Jiaoying
    2008, 45(2): 329-336.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Real-Time Realizing PGA Algorithm in FPGA
    Hao Zhiquan, Wang Zhensong, Liu Bo
    2008, 45(2): 342-347.
    Abstract PDF
    A Rollback Recovery Algorithm Based on Causal Message Logging in Mobile Environment
    Zhang Zhan, Zuo Decheng, Ci Yiwei, and Yang Xiaozong
    2008, 45(2): 348-357.
    Abstract PDF
    Error-Correcting Techniques for High-Performance Processors
    Wang Zhen, Jiang Jianhui, and Yuan Chunxin
    2008, 45(2): 358-366.
    Abstract PDF
    A Method of Statistics-Based Cache Leakage Power Estimation
    Zhou Hongwei, Zhang Chengyi, and Zhang Minxuan
    2008, 45(2): 367-374.
    Abstract PDF
    Algorithms of Reconfigurable Resource Management and Hardware Task Placement
    Li Tao and Yang Yulu
    2008, 45(2): 375-382.
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