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    A Cooperative-Game-Based Mobile Agent Task Collaboration Model in Network Management
    Bian Zheng'ai, Liu Bo, and Luo Junzhou
    2007, 44(2): 193-200.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of an Adaptive PIP Algorithm
    Liu Ming, Dou Wenhua, and Zhang Heying
    2007, 44(2): 201-207.
    Abstract PDF
    Automatic Discovery of Physical Topology in Switched Ethernets
    Sun Yantao, Shi Zhiqiang, Wu Zhimei
    2007, 44(2): 208-215.
    Abstract PDF
    A Topology Control Algorithm Based on Link Reliability and Multi-Path for Sensor Networks
    Wu Zhendong and Li Shanping
    2007, 44(2): 216-222.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Dynamic Trust-Level Evaluation Mechanism Based on Machine Learning
    Chen Feifei and Gui Xiaolin
    2007, 44(2): 223-229.
    Abstract PDF
    A Distributed CA-Key Generation Scheme for Resilience CA
    Zhuang Yong and Feng Dengguo
    2007, 44(2): 230-235.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and Implementation of the Non-Repudiation Protocol for Email Transmission Between UA and MTA
    Xia Chunhe, Liu Cui, Li Xiaojian, Tao Ran
    2007, 44(2): 236-241.
    Abstract PDF
    Text Segmentation Based on PLSA Model
    Shi Jing and Dai Guozhong
    2007, 44(2): 242-248.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on the Interconnection of Heterogeneous RTIs and Multi-Federations Based on Bridge Federate
    Cai Nan, Zhou Zhong, and Wu Wei
    2007, 44(2): 249-257.
    Abstract PDF
    An Edge-Based Defect Detection Algorithm for Paper Currency
    Jin Ye, Liu Songbo, Liu Jiafeng, Song Ling, and Tang Xianglong
    2007, 44(2): 258-264.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on the Resolution of the Landmark in Chinese
    Li Hanjing, Li Sheng, and Zhao Tiejun
    2007, 44(2): 265-268.
    Abstract PDF
    A Survey of Context-Aware Computing and Its System Infrastructure
    Li Rui and Li Renfa
    2007, 44(2): 269-276.
    Abstract PDF
    A Coalition Generation Algorithm Based on Local Optimum
    Su Shexiong, Hu Shanli, Lin Chaofeng, Zheng Shengfu
    2007, 44(2): 277-281.
    Abstract PDF
    An Improved Algorithm for Mining Frequent Closed Itemsets
    Song Wei, Yang Bingru, Xu Zhangyan, Gao Jing
    2007, 44(2): 278-286.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of an Ant Colony Algorithm in Migration of Mobile Agent
    Du Ronghua, Yao Gang, Wu Quanyuan
    2007, 44(2): 282-287.
    Abstract PDF
    Sentence Retrieval with a Topic-Based Language Model
    Wu Youzheng, Zhao Jun and Xu Bo
    2007, 44(2): 288-295.
    Abstract PDF
    A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Incorporated with User Interest Change
    Xing Chunxiao, Gao Fengrong, Zhan Sinan, Zhou Lizhu
    2007, 44(2): 296-301.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multilevel Model of Task Assignment in Fuzzy Situations of Workflow
    Xiao Zhengjin, He Qinming, and Chen Qi
    2007, 44(2): 302-309.
    Abstract PDF
    An Index Method for Digital Map Spatial Data in Mobile Navigation Systems
    Fang Yu, Jiang Changjun, and Chen Lin
    2007, 44(2): 310-316.
    Abstract PDF
    IOMan: An I/O Management Method Supporting Multi-OS Remote Boot and Running
    Xia Nan, Zhang Yaoxue, Yang Shanlin, Wang Xiaohui
    2007, 44(2): 317-325.
    Abstract PDF
    Survey of Operational Transformation Algorithms in Real-Time Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
    Liao Bin, He Fazhi, and Jing Shuxu
    2007, 44(2): 326-333.
    Abstract PDF
    Efficient Algorithms for Matrix Eigenproblem Solver on SMP Cluster
    Zhao Yonghua, Chi Xuebin, Cheng Qiang
    2007, 44(2): 334-340.
    Abstract PDF
    Texture Synthesis with Self-Correlation Distinguishing and Its Applications
    Mo Canlin, Chen Min, and Guo Shaoyi
    2007, 44(2): 337-341.
    Abstract PDF
    The Array-Based Bucket Sort Algorithm
    Yang Lei and Song Tao
    2007, 44(2): 341-347.
    Abstract PDF
    A Cache Adaptive Write Allocate Policy
    Huan Dandan, Li Zusong, Hu Weiwu, Liu Zhiyong
    2007, 44(2): 348-354.
    Abstract PDF
    Data Prefetching Technique of Nonlinear Memory Access
    Wu Jiajun, Feng Xiaobing, Zhang Zhaoqing
    2007, 44(2): 355-360.
    Abstract PDF
    Safety Verification of Dynamic Storage Management in Coq
    Xiang Sen, Chen Yiyun, Lin Chunxiao, and Li Long
    2007, 44(2): 361-367.
    Abstract PDF