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    Survey of Security Technology for Large Scale MANET
    Hu Huaping, Hu Guangming, Dong Pan, Chen Xin
    2007, 44(4): 545-552.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Reliability Evaluation of Cache Based on Instruction Behavior
    Zhou Xuehai, Yu Jie, Li Xi, and Wand Zhigang
    2007, 44(4): 553-559.
    Abstract PDF
    A Dynamic Mix Anonymity Algorithm for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
    Wu Zhenqiang, Ma Jianfeng
    2007, 44(4): 560-566.
    Abstract PDF
    A Trust-Scheme-Based DRM Model for P2P System
    Xiao Shangqin, Lu Zhengding, Ling Hefei, and Zou Fuhao
    2007, 44(4): 567-573.
    Abstract PDF
    A Forward Secure Threshold Signature Scheme from Bilinear Pairing
    Peng Huaxi and Feng Dengguo
    2007, 44(4): 574-580.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Algorithm of Soft Fast Correlation Attack and Applications
    Zou Yan, Lu Peizhong, and Zhu Xueling
    2007, 44(4): 581-588.
    Abstract PDF
    BPCRISM: A New Intrusion Scenario Building Model
    Liu Yuling, Du Ruizhong, Zhao Weidong, and Cai Hongyun
    2007, 44(4): 589-597.
    Abstract PDF
    The Trust Model and Its Analysis in TDDSS
    Tian Junfeng, Xiao Bing, Ma Xiaoxue, and Wang Zixian
    2007, 44(4): 598-605.
    Abstract PDF
    A Group Key Management Scheme Based on Distributed Rekeying Authority in Sensor Networks
    Zeng Weini, Lin Yaping, Hu Yupeng, Yi Yeqing, Li Xiaolong
    2007, 44(4): 606-614.
    Abstract PDF
    Implementing Chinese Wall Policies on RBAC
    He Yongzhong, Li Xiaofeng, Feng Dengguo
    2007, 44(4): 615-622.
    Abstract PDF
    A TCP Friendly Multicast Rate Control Mechanism for Internet DTV
    Li Fei, Wang Xin, and Xue Xiangyang
    2007, 44(4): 623-629.
    Abstract PDF
    Probabilistic Character for Localization Problem in Sensor Networks
    Cui Xunxue, Fang Hongyu, Zhu Xulai
    2007, 44(4): 630-635.
    Abstract PDF
    Mobile Robot Hierarchical Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Based on Active Loop Closure Constraint
    Huang Qingcheng, Hong Bingrong, Li Maohai, Luo Ronghua
    2007, 44(4): 636-642.
    Abstract PDF
    Agent-Based Automatic Composition of Semantic Web Services
    Qiu Lirong, Shi Zhongzhi, Lin Fen, Chang Liang
    2007, 44(4): 643-650.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm for Clustering of Outliers Based on Key Attribute Subspace
    Jin Yifu, Zhu Qingsheng, Xing Yongkang
    2007, 44(4): 651-659.
    Abstract PDF
    A Quick Emergency Response Plan Generation System Combining CBR and RBR
    Luo Jiewen, Shi Zhiping, He Qing, Shi Zhongzhi
    2007, 44(4): 660-666.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimal Decomposition of Decision Table Systems Based on Bayesian Networks
    Hu Xiaojian, Yang Shanlin, Hu Xiaoxuan, Fang Fang
    2007, 44(4): 667-673.
    Abstract PDF
    A Direct Clustering Algorithm Based on Generalized Information Distance
    Ding Shifei, Shi Zhongzhi, Jin Fengxiang, Xia Shixiong
    2007, 44(4): 674-679.
    Abstract PDF
    A Secure Multi-Attribute Auction Model
    Chen Xiang, Hu Shanli, Shi Manyin
    2007, 44(4): 680-685.
    Abstract PDF
    PKUMoDEL: A Model-Driven Development Environment for Languages Family
    Ma Haohai, Xie Bing, Ma Zhiyi, Zhang Nengbin, Shao Weizhong
    2007, 44(4): 686-692.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Role Assignment for Multi-Agent System with Parallel Constraints Among Goals
    Wang Hongbing, Fan Zhihua, and She Chundong
    2007, 44(4): 693-700.
    Abstract PDF
    Irregular Patch for Texture Synthesis
    Xiong Changzhen, Huang Jing, Qi Dongxu
    2007, 44(4): 701-706.
    Abstract PDF
    A Performance Model of I/O-Intensive Parallel Applications
    Chen Yongran, Qi Xingyun, and Dou Wenhua
    2007, 44(4): 707-713.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of Application Specific Instruction-Set Processors Directed by Configuration Stream Driven Computing Architecture
    Li Yong, Wang Zhiying, Zhao Xuemi, and Yue Hong
    2007, 44(4): 714-721.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Reliability of a Reconfigurable Data Processing System Based on JBits
    Ren Xiaoxi, Li Renfa, Jin Shengzhen, Zhang Kehuan, Wu Qiang
    2007, 44(4): 722-728.
    Abstract PDF