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    A Bayesian Network-Based Search Method in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Qian Ning, Wu Guoxin, and Zhao Shenghui
    2009, 46(6): 889-897.
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    WPathload: A Modified Available Bandwidth Measurement Algorithm
    Zeng Bin, Zhang Dafang, Li Wenwei, Xie Gaogang
    2009, 46(6): 898-904.
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    ENCBP—An Extended Multi-OSs Remote-Booting Method
    Wei Li, Xu Guangbin, Zhang Yaoxue, Xia Nan, Kuang Wenyuan
    2009, 46(6): 905-912.
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    A Method for Modeling and Test Selection of Interoperability
    Li Hua, Ye Xinming, Wu Chengyong, Wang Long, and Wang Lingling
    2009, 46(6): 913-919.
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    Design and Implementation of a Distributed Multi-Point Concurrent Test System
    Luo Hao and Zeng Huaxin
    2009, 46(6): 920-926.
    Abstract PDF
    Internet Routing Correlation Analysis and Monitoring System Design
    Liang Wei, Bi Jingping
    2009, 46(6): 927-933.
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    A Node-Level Congestion Avoidance Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Sun Guodong, Liao Minghong, Qiu Shuo
    2009, 46(6): 934-939.
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    Quantitative Evaluation of the Cryptographic Block’s Resistibility to Power Analysis Attack at Different Design Level
    Tong Yuanman, Wang Zhiying, Dai Kui, and Lu Hongyi
    2009, 46(6): 940-947.
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    A Dynamic Access Control Model for Inter-Operation in Multi-Domain Environment Based on Risk
    Tang Zhuo, Zhao Lin, Li Kenli, Li Ruixuan
    2009, 46(6): 948-955.
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    On the Relativity of Binary Derivation and Autocorrelation Randomness Test
    Fan Limin, Feng Dengguo, Chen Hua
    2009, 46(6): 956-961.
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    Research and Design of Reconfigurable Computing Targeted at Block Cipher Processing
    Yang Xiaohui, Dai Zibin, and Zhang Yongfu
    2009, 46(6): 962-967.
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    A Fast Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problems
    Ji Junzhong, Huang Zhen, and Liu Chunnian
    2009, 46(6): 968-978.
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    Computing Most Specific Concept in Description Logic with Transitive Roles and Existential Restrictions
    Jiang Yuncheng, Tang Suqin, Wang Ju, Zhou Shengming
    2009, 46(6): 979-987.
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    Fast Relaxed Algorithms of Maximum Variance Unfolding
    Wang Qinggang, Li Jianwei
    2009, 46(6): 988-994.
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    A Δ-Tree Based Similarity Join Processing for High-Dimensional Data
    Liu Yan, Hao Zhongxiao
    2009, 46(6): 995-1002.
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    Generalization Error Bound for the Multi-Class Classification Algorithm Based on the Analytical Center of Version Space
    Zeng Fanzi, Xiao Degui, Li Renfa, and Luo Juan
    2009, 46(6): 1003-1008.
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    BJUT-3D Large Scale 3D Face Database and Information Processing
    Yin Baocai, Sun Yanfeng, Wang Chengzhang, and Ge Yun
    2009, 46(6): 1009-1018.
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    Modeling of Information System Survivability Analysis Based on SPN
    Zhang Lejun, Guo Lin, Zhang Bing, Yang Wu, Wang Wei, Yang Yongtian
    2009, 46(6): 1019-1027.
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    Study on Membership of Mixed Dependency Set in Strong Totally Ordered Temporal Scheme
    Wan Jing, Wang Xiaoyu, Hao Zhongxiao
    2009, 46(6): 1028-1035.
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-Type Nearest Neighbor Queries with Partial Range Constrained
    Sun Dongpu, Hao Zhongxiao
    2009, 46(6): 1036-1042.
    Abstract PDF
    A Decomposition of the Weakly Invertible Linear Finite Automata
    Yao Xinghua, Deng Peimin, Yi Zhong, Jiang Yuncheng
    2009, 46(6): 1043-1051.
    Abstract PDF
    Approximating the Directed Minimum Degree Spanning Tree of Directed Acyclic Graph
    Yao Guohui, Zhu Daming, and Ma Shaohan
    2009, 46(6): 1052-1057.
    Abstract PDF
    A Heuristic Task Allocation Algorithm for Multi-Core Based Parallel Systems
    Liu Yi, Zhang Xin, Li He, Qian Depei
    2009, 46(6): 1058-1064.
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