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    Generation of Fire Animation Based on Level-Set
    Hong Yi, Wang Zhaoqi, Zhu Dengming, Qiu Xianjie
    2010, 47(11): 1849-1856.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm of Physically-based Scalar-fields Guided Deformation on GPU
    Wu Xiaoxiao, Liang Xiaohui, Xu Qidi, and Zhao Qinping
    2010, 47(11): 1857-1864.
    Abstract PDF
    Fast Simulation of Immiscible Liquids Interaction
    Sun Hongquan and Han Jiqing
    2010, 47(11): 1865-1870.
    Abstract PDF
    Video Copy Detection Based on Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Behavior Feature
    Wu Xiao, Li Jintao, Tang Sheng, Guo Junbo
    2010, 47(11): 1871-1877.
    Abstract PDF
    Brain MR Image Segmentation Based on Anisotropic Wells Model
    Chen Yunjie, Zhang Jianwei, Wang Shunfeng, Zhan Tianming
    2010, 47(11): 1878-1885.
    Abstract PDF
    A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization-based Algorithm for Polygonal Approximation of Digital Curves
    Wang Bin
    2010, 47(11): 1886-1892.
    Abstract PDF
    Clustering Time Synchronization Algorithm for Periodic Sleep MAC Protocol
    Su Jinzhao, Liu Liyan, and Wu Wei
    2010, 47(11): 1893-1902.
    Abstract PDF
    A Parallel Packet Classification Algorithm with Real-Time Incremental Updates
    Zhang Shuzhuang, Luo Hao, Fang Binxing
    2010, 47(11): 1903-1910.
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    A Bouncing-Track Based Data Storage and Discovery Scheme in Large-Scale Sensor Networks
    Li Zhigang, Xiao Nong, and Chu Fuyong
    2010, 47(11): 1911-1918.
    Abstract PDF
    Heuristic Traversal Path Algorithm Based on Linear Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Luo Qing, Lin Yaping
    2010, 47(11): 1919-1927.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Data-Partitioned Online Aggregation
    An Mingyuan, Sun Xiuming, Sun Ninghui
    2010, 47(11): 1928-1935.
    Abstract PDF
    XML Approximate Query Approach Based on Attribute Units Extension
    Meng Xiangfu, Yan Li, Zhang Wengbo, Ma Zongmin
    2010, 47(11): 1936-1946.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Method for Processing Skyline Queries
    Huang Zhenhua, Xiang Yang, Xue Yongsheng, Liu Xiaoling
    2010, 47(11): 1947-1953.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approach Combining Incremental Search and Heuristic Search for Solving Multiobjective Problems
    Wei Wei, Ouyang Dantong, Lü Shuai, Yin Minghao
    2010, 47(11): 1954-1961.
    Abstract PDF
    Simplification of SMO Algorithm and Its Application in Solving ε-SVR with Non-Positive Kernels
    Zhou Xiaojian, Ma Yizhong, Zhu Jiagang
    2010, 47(11): 1962-1969.
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-fault Mode Diagnosing with Value Propagation and Its Completeness
    Zhang Xuenong, Jiang Yunfei, Zhang Licheng
    2010, 47(11): 1970-1977.
    Abstract PDF
    Estimation of Distribution Algorithm Based on Sequential Importance Sampling Particle Filters and Cholesky Decomposition
    Zhang Jianhua, Zeng Jianchao
    2010, 47(11): 1978-1985.
    Abstract PDF
    Neuro-Fuzzy System Modeling with Density-Based Clustering
    Pan Weimin and He Jun
    2010, 47(11): 1986-1992.
    Abstract PDF
    Review of Programming Models for Data-Intensive Computing
    Wang Peng, Meng Dan, Zhan Jianfeng, Tu Bibo
    2010, 47(11): 1993-2002.
    Abstract PDF
    Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Scheduling for Distributed Systems Based on Improving Priority of Passive Backup
    Zhu Ping, Yang Fumin, and Tu Gang
    2010, 47(11): 2003-2010.
    Abstract PDF
    A Faster Algorithm for Sorting Genomes by Reciprocal Translocation, Insertion and Deletion
    Hao Fanchang, Luan Junfeng, Zhu Daming, Zhang Peng, and Li Ming
    2010, 47(11): 2011-2023.
    Abstract PDF