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    Mapping Analysis Between Viterbi and DTW Algorithms—Application to the Identification of Signer Independent Sign Language
    Ni Xunbo, Zhao Debin, Jiang Feng, and Cheng Dansong
    2010, 47(2)
    Abstract PDF
    Secure Multiparty Computation of Statistical Distribution
    Wang Ke and Dai Yiqi
    2010, 47(2): 201-206.
    Abstract PDF
    General Results on Secret Sharing Based on General Access Structure
    Zhang Haibo, Wang Xiaofei, and Huang Youpeng
    2010, 47(2): 207-215.
    Abstract PDF
    Audio Watermarking Approach Based on Audio Features in Multiwavelet Domain
    Peng Hong, Wang Xun, Wang Weixing, Wang Jun, Hu Deyu
    2010, 47(2): 216-222.
    Abstract PDF
    A Digital Rights Management Mechanism and Implementation Based on Logic Framework
    Zhong Yong, Zhang Hong, Liu Fengyu, Qin Xiaolin
    2010, 47(2): 223-230.
    Abstract PDF
    Efficient Certificateless Signature and Group Signature Schemes
    Chen Hu, Zhu Changjie, Song Rushun
    2010, 47(2): 231-237.
    Abstract PDF
    Alternating Combination Trilateration Based on Circle-Selection
    Cai Shaobin, Li Xi, Tian Ying, Gao Zhenguo, Yao Nianmin
    2010, 47(2): 238-244.
    Abstract PDF
    A TDMA Scheduling Algorithm to Balance Energy Consumption in WSNs
    Liu Anfeng, Xu Juan, Chen Zhigang
    2010, 47(2): 245-254.
    Abstract PDF
    Searching Semantic Web Documents Based on RDF Sentences
    Wu Honghan, Qu Yuzhong, and Li Huiying
    2010, 47(2): 255-263.
    Abstract PDF
    A Survey of the Research on Similarity Query Technique of Sequence Data
    Zhu Yangyong, Dai Dongbo, and Xiong Yun
    2010, 47(2): 264-276.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on a New Concise Representation of Frequent Itemset and Its Mining Algorithm
    Song Wei, Li Jinhong, Xu Zhangyan, Yang Bingru
    2010, 47(2): 277-285.
    Abstract PDF
    SVM Based fMRI Data Classification: An Approach to Decode Mental State
    Xiang Jie and Chen Junjie
    2010, 47(2): 286-291.
    Abstract PDF
    Nave Gene Expression Programming Based on Genetic Neutrality
    Zhu Mingfang, Tang Changjie, Dai Shucheng, Chen Yu, Qiao Shaojie, Xiang Yong
    2010, 47(2): 292-299.
    Abstract PDF
    Context-Sensitive Query Expansion
    Li Weijiang, Zhao Tiejun, Wang Xiangang
    2010, 47(2): 300-304.
    Abstract PDF
    A Stroke-Segment-Mesh (SSM) Glyph Description Method of Chinese Characters
    Lin Min, Song Rou
    2010, 47(2): 318-327.
    Abstract PDF
    Ensemble Classification of Microarray Data Based on Correlation Analysis
    Yu Hualong, Gu Guochang, Liu Haibo, Shen Jing, and Zhao Jing
    2010, 47(2): 328-335.
    Abstract PDF
    Automatic Labeling of Chinese Functional Chunks Based on Conditional Random Fields Model
    Li Guochen, Wang Ruibo, Li Jihong
    2010, 47(2): 336-343.
    Abstract PDF
    Free Form Deformation and Its Application
    Xu Gang, Wang Guozhao, Chen Xiaodiao
    2010, 47(2): 344-352.
    Abstract PDF
    Multicast Algorithm Based on the Adaptive Dimensional Bubble Routing on 2-D Torus Network
    Xiao Canwen, Zhang Minxuan, Guo Feng
    2010, 47(2): 353-360.
    Abstract PDF
    Fast Memory Size Estimation of Application Programs for System-on-Chip Signal-to-Memory Mapping
    Zhao Peng and Li Sikun
    2010, 47(2): 361-369.
    Abstract PDF
    A Fault-Tolerant Scheduling Method Based on Predictable Deadline Miss Ratio in High Utilization
    Wu Wei, Ni Shaojie, and Wang Feixue
    2010, 47(2): 370-376.
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