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    Theory and Algorithms on Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Wang Xiaoping, Luo Jun, Shen Changxiang
    2011, 48(3): 353-363.
    Abstract PDF
    Localization Algorithm in Complex Area
    Huang He, Chen Guoliang, Sun Yu'e, Xiao Mingjun, Huang Liusheng
    2011, 48(3): 364-373.
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    A Construction Technique of Constant Degree P2P Systems towards Efficient Complex Queries
    Wang Xiaohai, Peng Yuxing, and Li Dongsheng
    2011, 48(3): 374-381.
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    Analysis of Free-riding Behaviors and Modeling Restrain Mechanisms for Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Yue Guangxue, Li Renfa, Chen Zhi, Zhou Xu
    2011, 48(3): 382-397.
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    An Incentive-Cooperative Forwarding Model Based on Punishment Mechanism in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
    Wang Bo, Huang Chuanhe, Yang Wenzhong, Dan Feng, and Xu Liya
    2011, 48(3): 398-406.
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    Indexing Based Multi-Level Clustering Routing Algorithm in Public Transportation Delay Tolerant Networks
    Li Zhi, Zha Xuanyue, Liu Fengyu, and Zhang Hong
    2011, 48(3): 407-414.
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    Virtual Monotonic Counters Using Trusted Platform Module
    Li Hao, Qin Yu, and Feng Dengguo
    2011, 48(3): 415-422.
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    Robust Covert Timing Channel Based on Web
    Qian Yuwen, Zhao Bangxin, Kong Jianshou, and Wang Zhiquan
    2011, 48(3): 423-431.
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    A Q-Learning Based Real-Time Mitigating Mechanism against LDoS Attack and Its Modeling and Simulation with CPN
    Liu Tao, He Yanxiang, Xiong Qi
    2011, 48(3): 432-439.
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    A Parallel Algorithm of Three-Dimensional Fast Fourier Transform
    Fang Wei, Sun Guangzhong, Wu Chao, and Chen Guoliang
    2011, 48(3): 440-446.
    Abstract PDF
    A Molecular Solution for the Ramsey Number on DNA-Based Supercomputing
    Li Kenli, Guo Li, Tang Zhuo, Jiang Yong, and Li Renfa
    2011, 48(3): 447-454.
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    Total-Idle-Time Increment Based Hybrid GA for No-Wait Flowshops with Makespan Minimization
    Zhu Xia, Li Xiaoping, and Wang Qian
    2011, 48(3): 455-463.
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    Convergenceness of a General Formulation for Polynomial Smooth Support Vector Regressions
    Xiong Jinzhi, Xu Jianmin, and Yuan Huaqiang
    2011, 48(3): 464-470.
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    Voice Activity Detection Based on Sample Entropy in Car Environments
    Zhao Huan, Wang Gangjin, Hu Lian, and Peng Xiujuan
    2011, 48(3): 471-476.
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    An Adaptive Particle Level Set Method
    Zhang Guijuan, Zhu Dengming, Qiu Xianjie, Wang Zhaoqi
    2011, 48(3): 477-485.
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    Importance-Sampling-Based Real-Time Algorithm for All-Frequency Shadows Rendering in Dynamic Scenes
    Li Shuai, Ran Jiao, Hao Aimin, and Wang Zhen
    2011, 48(3): 486-493.
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    An Optimized Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Macroblock Priorities
    Lu Jiyuan, Zhang Peizhao, Duan Xiaohua, Chao Hongyang
    2011, 48(3): 494-500.
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    Minimum Spanning Tree Fusing Multi-Feature Point Information for Medical Image Registration
    Zhi Lijia, Zhang Shaomin, Zhao Dazhe, Zhao Hong
    2011, 48(3): 501-507.
    Abstract PDF
    Affine Invariant Feature of Multi-Scale Maximally Stable Extremal Region
    Luo Ronghua, Min Huaqing, Chen Cong
    2011, 48(3): 508-515.
    Abstract PDF
    The Matching Share Allocation Strategy of Rename Registers for Redundant Multithreading Architectures
    Yin Jie and Jiang Jianhui
    2011, 48(3): 516-527.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimized Injecting Method of Software-Implemented Fault Injection Technique
    Pan Qinghe and Hong Bingrong
    2011, 48(3): 528-534.
    Abstract PDF
    Soft Error Rate Analysis for Combinational Logic Using Frequency Method
    Lei Shaohua, Han Yinhe, and Li Xiaowei
    2011, 48(3): 535-544.
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