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    A Constraint Optimization Based Mapping Method for Virtual Network
    Li Xiaoling, Guo Changguo, Li Xiaoyong, Wang Huaimin
    2012, 49(8): 1601-1610.
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    A Multi-Source ALM Congestion Control Method Based on Bi-Directional Pressure
    Gao Jianmin, Lu Huimei, Liu Jing, and Cao Yuanda
    2012, 49(8): 1611-1617.
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    Design and Performance Analysis of A MAC Protocol for Wireless Public Bus Networks
    Kuang Luobei, Xu Ming, Yu Wei, and Chen Yingwen
    2012, 49(8): 1618-1631.
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    An Algorithm for the Cover Problem Based on Cellular Structure in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Lu Kezhong, Jiang Zhao, Mao Rui, Liu Gang, and Ming Zhong
    2012, 49(8): 1632-1640.
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    Algorithm-Level Low-Power Technology for the Channel Decoding Coprocessor of the Network Processor
    Song Lihua, Guo Yanfei, Wang Qin
    2012, 49(8): 1641-1648.
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    Immune-Computing-Based Location Planning of Base Station and Relay Station in IEEE 802.16j Network
    Zhu Sifeng, Liu Fang, Chai Zhengyi, Qi Yutao
    2012, 49(8): 1649-1654.
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    A Kind of More Secure Orthomorphism Generator
    Tong Yan, Zhang Huanguo, Deng Xiaotie
    2012, 49(8): 1655-1661.
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    An Improved VCA Interaction Model for Virtual Enterprises Based on Threshold RSA Signature
    Zhang Wenfang, Wang Xiaomin, He Dake
    2012, 49(8): 1662-1667.
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    A Self-Adaptive Image Steganography Algorithm Based on Cover-Coding and Markov Model
    Zhang Zhan, Liu Guangjie, Dai Yuewei, Wang Zhiquan
    2012, 49(8): 1668-1675.
    Abstract PDF
    Program Behavior Monitoring Based on System Call Attributes
    Li Zhen, Tian Junfeng, and Yang Xiaohui
    2012, 49(8): 1676-1684.
    Abstract PDF
    Provable Secure ID-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol
    Gao Haiying
    2012, 49(8): 1685-1689.
    Abstract PDF
    Perceptual Robust Image Hashing Scheme Based on Secret Sharing
    Qin Chuan, Chang Chin Chen, Guo Cheng
    2012, 49(8): 1690-1698.
    Abstract PDF
    Local Progressive Interpolation for Subdivision Surface Fitting
    Zhao Yu, Lin Hongwei, and Bao Hujun
    2012, 49(8): 1699-1707.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptive Multi-Resolutional Image Tracking Algorithm
    Lü Na and Feng Zuren
    2012, 49(8): 1708-1714.
    Abstract PDF
    Detail Extraction from Three-Dimensional Relief Surface
    Zheng Hanlin and Liu Ligang
    2012, 49(8): 1715-1720.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Unsupervised Foreground Object Detection Method
    Liang Peng, Li Shaofa, Wang Cheng
    2012, 49(8): 1721-1729.
    Abstract PDF
    Supervised Laplacian Discriminant Analysis for Small Sample Size Problem with Its Application to Face Recognition
    Lou Songjiang, Zhang Guoyin, Pan Haiwei, and Wang Qingjun
    2012, 49(8): 1730-1737.
    Abstract PDF
    Cost-Sensitive Listwise Ranking Approach
    Lu Min, Huang Yalou, Xie Maoqiang, Wang Yang, Liu Jie, Liao Zhen
    2012, 49(8): 1738-1746.
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    Multiple Attractor Cellular Automata Classification Method and Over-Fitting Problem with CART
    Fang Min, Niu Wenke, Zhang Xiaosong
    2012, 49(8): 1747-1752.
    Abstract PDF
    A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Clustering Good-Point Set Crossover for Constrained Optimization
    Long Wen, Liang Ximing, Xu Songjin, Chen Fu
    2012, 49(8): 1753-1761.
    Abstract PDF
    Distributed Affinity Propagation Clustering Based on MapReduce
    Lu Weiming, Du Chenyang, Wei Baogang, Shen Chunhui, and Ye Zhenchao
    2012, 49(8): 1762-1772.
    Abstract PDF
    Bialgebraic Semantics of the Typed π-Calculus
    Li Yongji, Li Shixian, and Zhou Xiaocong
    2012, 49(8): 1773-1780.
    Abstract PDF
    Bialgebraic Structures for Abstract Data Types and Their Computations
    Su Jindian, Yu Shanshan
    2012, 49(8): 1787-1803.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approach for Migrating Data Adaptively in Hierarchical Storage Systems
    Zhang Guangyan, amd Qiu Jianping
    2012, 49(8): 1804-1810.
    Abstract PDF
    Deriving Markov Chain Usage Model from UML Model
    Wu Caihua, Liu Juntao, Peng Shirui, Li Haihong
    2012, 49(8): 1811-1819.
    Abstract PDF
    Kernelization for Weighted 3-Set Packing Problem
    Li Shaohua, Feng Qilong, Wang Jianxin, and Chen Jianer
    2012, 49(8): 17811-786.
    Abstract PDF