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    A VLSI Architecture for PMVFAST Block-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm
    Li Tiejun, Shen Chengdong, and Li Sikun
    2005, 42(4): 537-543.
    Abstract PDF
    Applying Aggregate I/O to Improve Performance of Network Storage
    Cao Qiang and Xie Changsheng
    2005, 42(4): 544-550.
    Abstract PDF
    An Exception Handling Method Based on Grid Service Routes
    Yue Qiang, Li Wei, Xu Zhiwei
    2005, 42(4): 551-556.
    Abstract PDF
    Study of Algorithm-Oriented Mathematical Model of SIMD Computer and Its Applicat ion
    Zhang Facun, Zhao Xiaohong, Wang Zhong, Shen Xubang
    2005, 42(4): 557-562.
    Abstract PDF
    High Productivity Computing Systems
    Meng Dan, Zhang Zhihong, and Chen Mingyu
    2005, 42(4): 563-569.
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    N-SHOQ(D): A Nonmonotonic Extension of Description Logic SHOQ(D)
    Wang Songxin, Wang Fei, Zhou Shuigeng, Zhou Aoying
    2005, 42(4): 570-575.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimal Model Selection for Support Vector Machines
    Liu Xiangdong, Luo Bin, and Chen Zhaoqian
    2005, 42(4): 576-581.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Local Search Algorithm for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem
    Zeng Liping and Huang Wenqi
    2005, 42(4): 582-587.
    Abstract PDF
    Mining Frequent Patterns Based on IS\++-Tree Model
    Ma Haibing, Zhang Chenghong, Zhang Jin, and Hu Yunfa
    2005, 42(4): 588-593.
    Abstract PDF
    A Selective Approach to Neural Network Ensemble Based on Clustering Technology
    Li Kai, Huang Houkuan
    2005, 42(4): 594-598.
    Abstract PDF
    Implicit Curve Based on Radial Basis Function Network
    Li Daolun, Lu Detang, Kong Xiangyan
    2005, 42(4): 599-603.
    Abstract PDF
    Two-Handed User Interface: Review and Research
    Fu Yonggang, Zhang Fengjun, Dai Guozhong
    2005, 42(4): 604-613.
    Abstract PDF
    Combined Feature Extraction Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis and Face Recognition
    Sun Quansen, Zeng Shenggen, Yang Maolong, Heng Phengann, Xia Deshen
    2005, 42(4): 614-621.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Key Technology in Construction of a Chinese 3D Face Database
    Hu Yongli, Yin Baocai, Cheng Shiquan, Gu Chunliang, and Liu Wentao
    2005, 42(4): 622-628.
    Abstract PDF
    Restoration of Human Face Illumination with Unknown Light Source
    Zhang Zhibin, Lai Jianhuang, Deng Donggao
    2005, 42(4): 629-634.
    Abstract PDF
    A Form Frame Line Removal Algorithm Based on Gray-Level Image
    Zhang Chongyang, Chen Qiang, Lou Zhen, Yang Jingyu
    2005, 42(4): 635-639.
    Abstract PDF
    An Improved Parallel Watershed Algorithm for Image Segmentation
    Zhou Haifang, Yang Xuejun, Liu Hengzhu, Tang Yu
    2005, 42(4): 640-646.
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    A Distributed PEP-Based TCP Performance Enhancing Protocol for Satellite Networks
    Huo Longshe, Zheng Yanfeng, and Gao Wen
    2005, 42(4): 647-654.
    Abstract PDF
    An Adaptive Robust TCP/IP Header Compression Algorithm
    Wu Yichuan, Huang Kui, Zheng Jianping, Sun Limin, and Cheng Weiming
    2005, 42(4): 655-661.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Ensuring QoS and Its Admission Control in Web Servers
    Li Zhendong and Xie Li
    2005, 42(4): 662-668.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and Implementation of Web Service Differentiated QoS
    Xu Mingwei, Hu Chunming, Liu Xudong, and Ma Dianfu
    2005, 42(4): 669-675.
    Abstract PDF
    Formal Specification and Verification for Group Communication Algorithm Suiting Extended Virtual Synchrony
    Deng Yanjun and Xu Xuezhou
    2005, 42(4): 676-683.
    Abstract PDF
    A Study of the Relationship Between Performance of Topology-Based MANET Routing Protocol and Network Coverage Density
    Wen Yingyou, Zhao Jianli, Zhao Linliang, and Wang Guangxing
    2005, 42(4): 684-689.
    Abstract PDF
    Two Results of Decomposing Weakly Invertible Finite Automata
    Wang Hongji
    2005, 42(4): 690-696.
    Abstract PDF
    DOS Attack and Defense in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    Yi Ping, Zhong Yiping, and Zhang Shiyong
    2005, 42(4): 697-704.
    Abstract PDF
    A Security Enhancement Method of a Verifiable Threshold Signature Scheme Based on the Elliptic Curve
    Wu Zhongdong, Xie Weixin, Yu Jianping
    2005, 42(4): 705-710.
    Abstract PDF
    Migrating Entities and Their Time Synchronization Issue in Large-Scale Federated Simulation (Part One): Protocol and Implementation for Migrating Entities
    Liu Xiaojian, Zhong Hairong, and Jin Shiyao
    2005, 42(4): 711-715.
    Abstract PDF
    Migrating Entities and Their Time Synchronization Issue in Large-Scale Federated Simulation (Part Two): Time Synchronization for Migrating Entities
    Zhong Hairong, Liu Xiaojian, and Jin Shiyao
    2005, 42(4): 716-720.
    Abstract PDF