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    A High-Throughput Scheduling Algorithm with Small Crosspoint Buffers for CICQ Switches
    Lee Yong, Luo Junzhou, Wu Jun
    2006, 43(12): 2033-2040.
    Abstract PDF
    A Fast Hybrid Loss Protection Method with Quality of Service Provision for Image Transmission
    Yang Yadong, Wu Chengke, Xiao Song, Du Jianchao
    2006, 43(12): 2041-2047.
    Abstract PDF
    KIR:A New Algorithm to Improve the Fairness of TCP Congestion Avoidance
    Li Shining, Guan Junming, Qin Zheng
    2006, 43(12): 2048-2055.
    Abstract PDF
    Analytical Expressions of Properties of MANETs Uniformly Distributed in Rectangular Area
    Gao Zhenguo, Cai Shaobin, Zhao Yunlong
    2006, 43(12): 2056-2061.
    Abstract PDF
    A Diagram of Strand Spaces for Security Protocols
    Wang Huanbao, Zhang Yousheng, and Li Yuan
    2006, 43(12): 2062-2068.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Group Signature Scheme with Forward Security
    Li Yunfa, Zou Deqing, Han Zongfen, and Qiang Weizhong
    2006, 43(12): 2069-2075.
    Abstract PDF
    Security on Aydos et al's Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Wireless Authentication Protocol
    Liu Yongliang, Gao Wen, Yao Hongxun, Huang Tiejun
    2006, 43(12): 2076-2081.
    Abstract PDF
    Perturbed Variant of TTM Cryptosystem
    Wu Zhiping, Ye Dingfeng, and Ma Weiju
    2006, 43(12): 2082-2087.
    Abstract PDF
    A Structural Formula Process Neural Networks and Its Applications
    Xu Shaohua, He Xingui, Wang Bing
    2006, 43(12): 2088-2095.
    Abstract PDF
    Neural Networks' Distributed Cooperative Learning Strategy Based on Agent and Chips
    Yang Bo, Wang Yadong, Su Xiaohong, and Tang Xianglong
    2006, 43(12): 2096-2103.
    Abstract PDF
    Fuzzy Neural Network Optimization by a Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
    Ma Ming, Zhou Chunguang, Zhang Libiao, Ma Jie
    2006, 43(12): 2104-2109.
    Abstract PDF
    Automatic Composition of Web Services Based on Task Dependency Specification
    Shi Yuliang, Huang Guang'an, Ye Wei, Zhang Liang, Shi Baile
    2006, 43(12): 2110-2116.
    Abstract PDF
    An Association Rule Mining Algorithm of Multidimensional Sets
    Zhong Yong, Qin Xiaolin, and Bao Lei
    2006, 43(12): 2117-2123.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Aggregate Query Matching in Semantic Cache
    Cai Jianyu, Wu Quanyuan, Jia Yan, and Zou Peng
    2006, 43(12): 2124-2130.
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    A Parametric Active Contour Model for Medical Image Segmentation Using Priori Shape Force Field
    Shi Chengxian, Wang Hongyuan, Heng Pheng Ann, Xia Deshen
    2006, 43(12): 2131-2137.
    Abstract PDF
    A Face Verification Algorithm Based on Negative Independent Sample Set and SVM
    Zhang Xingming and Li Heheng
    2006, 43(12): 2138-2143.
    Abstract PDF
    Feature Preserving Mesh Simplification Based on Corner Cutting
    Ji Zhongping, Liu Ligang, and Wang Guojin
    2006, 43(12): 2144-2151.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and Implementation of a 32-Bit Asynchronous Multiplier
    Li Yong, Wang Lei, Gong Rui, Dai Kui, and Wang Zhiying
    2006, 43(12): 2152-2157.
    Abstract PDF
    Global Partial Replicate Computation Partitioning
    Wang Yiran, Chen Li, Feng Xiaobing, Zhang Zhaoqing
    2006, 43(12): 2158-2165.
    Abstract PDF
    Exception Handling in Application Level Binary Translation
    Tang Feng, Wu Chenggang, Zhang Zhaoqing, Yang Hao
    2006, 43(12): 2166-2173.
    Abstract PDF
    Library Function Disposing Approach in Binary Translation
    Yang Hao, Tang Feng, Xie Haibin, Wu Chenggang, and Feng Xiaobing
    2006, 43(12): 2174-2179.
    Abstract PDF
    A Vertical and Horizontal Multiway Algorithm for Parallel-Merging
    Wang Ying, Li Kenli, Li Lang, Li Renfa
    2006, 43(12): 2180-2186.
    Abstract PDF
    Automatic Music Transcription Based on Harmonic Structure Information
    Zheng Guibin, Han Jiqing
    2006, 43(12): 2187-2192.
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